Pycom Introduces Pylife, the First Complete Solution for a Truly Connected Life

Pylife utilizes the latest in Internet of Things Mesh technology to keep consumers connected regardless of network coverage

Pycom, the global Internet of Things technology company with a vision to give all connected ideas an opportunity to succeed, today introduced Pylife, the first digital dashboard for a truly connected life, and PyGo, a thoughtfully designed wearable device that allows consumers to stay connected with children, parents, friends, pets, personal belongings and more – the possibilities are endless. Launching via Kickstarter and certified by Verizon, the new offering is the only one of its kind to operate across five different networks: WiFi, BLE, LTE-M Cellular (CAT M1 and NB-IoT) and LPWAN technologies such as LoRa. And when those are not available, built-in mesh capabilities step in to keep PyGo devices connected to the Pylife dashboard.

This proposition responds to a need for consolidation and simplification around busy connected living. There are many disparate wearables on the market today. They all respond to specific niche needs around people- or item-tracking and some enable monitoring and control. None have yet delivered a ‘one size fits all’ solution for busy people who have children, pets, relatives and things to look after and who are not always within reach of the internet through traditional networks.

“We’re thrilled to introduce consumers to Pylife and PyGo. This will bring them the clarity, speed and simplicity that we’ve proudly provided our developer community over the past years,” said Fred de Haro, CEO and co-founder of Pycom. “We’re also excited and eager to see how these amazing developers push Pylife and PyGo functionality even further.”


PyGo is a compact and versatile wearable device designed for convenient use in a variety of ways. Attach PyGo to your child, elderly parent, pet, or any personal belonging, for instant communication, even when there is no cellular network available. The wirelessly-charged PyGo is equipped with up to four-day battery life, dependent on user settings.

It is multi-purpose. For example, give a PyGo to your hiking buddy to stay in contact in remote areas with little to no signal. Clip one on your dog’s collar to easily track their whereabouts if they run off. The PyGo’s sleek and compact design measures only 41mm x 12.5mm x 24mm, is waterproof and comes with digital OLED display for messages.

PyGo easily clips into a variety of stylish accessories, making it easy to switch from one to the other:

·         An innovative, bright and fun clip-on attachment that easily affixes to clothing

·         An easy-to-attach key fob

·         A stylish jewelry attachment

·         A sports clip on a carabiner

·         A sleek, low-profile sports wrist accessory


Unlike other disparate products that track location, Pylife conveniently consolidates everything PyGos are attached to in one intuitive app. Users can use the Pylife mobile app to send messages, determine location of each PyGo, or track various stats. It’s the first digital dashboard aimed at helping people take control of their busy lives.

The Pylife app also lets developers showcase their own innovations by adding and extending new features for their customers.

The PyMesh Network

The Pylife app and the PyGo devices communicate with each other using various well-known networks as well as an amazing mesh technology. All of the people or things with a PyGo can stay connected without an internet connection or even a cellular signal. PyGos within a 12-kilometer range of each other create their own private mesh network, or opt to expand and strengthen their network by opening it up to other anonymous PyGos in the area. All data remains confidential to the user as it hops from one device to another until it reaches its destination directly or indirectly via the internet. In this way, Pylife and PyGos create the only community-based global network of people and things, where data ownership is securely in the hands of consumers.

The Things Network is a global Internet of Things network based on LoRaWAN technology. It is made available to the public via a global community of just under 5,000 privately managed gateways and which allows for things to talk to the Internet without 3G or Wi-Fi.

“We are thrilled to support the seamless Pylife experience,” said Wienke Giezeman, founder and CEO of The Things Network, an open and decentralized LoRaWAN network used by a community of over 50,000 developers globally. “Pycom has created an impressive family of products that brings consumers the best of what IoT can offer and we’re sure our developer community will love the new opportunities this brings them.”

Live the Pylife

Sign up here for updates to the official Kickstarter campaign and grab a piece of the Pylife. Consumers will be able to participate in the movement at the following discounted levels on Kickstarter:

·         $39 PyGo1 (non-cellular, $53 including accessory clip and wireless charger) ideal for those who just want to create their own mesh networks

·         $75 PyGo2 (cellular, $86 including accessory clip and wireless charger) for people who want the mesh capability and ability to connect to the Internet when cellular coverage permits

About Pycom
Pycom is an Internet of Things technology company with a vision to give all connected ideas an opportunity to succeed. The company has pioneered an innovative IoT platform which is a unique suite of hardware and software products that connect developers, enterprises and consumers, creating an ecosystem between connectable things that removes barriers and reduces time to market. Since its launch in 2015, Pycom has attracted more than 29K customers in 83 countries and has added a community of more than 250K developers to its global community. With the addition of Pylife, the first digital dashboard for a truly connected life, and PyGo, a stylish multi-use wearable device that utilizes mesh technology to stay connected, Pycom is bringing elegant IoT solutions to consumers and developers alike.

For more information, visit and or follow @MyPylife and @pycomIoT.

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