Pulsar Launches New Instant Global News Search & Discovery Product

One step closer to making media intelligence as easy as a web search


Audience intelligence platform Pulsar has launched its new instant global news search product, Pulsar SEARCH, with the aim of making media intelligence as easy as a web search. 

Pulsar SEARCH allows communications, PR and marketing professionals to instantly find and discover news coverage about any topic, brand or initiative across all countries, languages, and media sources (Print, TV, Online News, Radio, and Podcasts). 

“We are excited to unveil our new instant search product, a game-changer in navigating the vast ocean of global news. This tool enables our users across the globe to effortlessly explore hundreds of millions of news articles in real-time and historically, bypassing the need for complex query setups or data collection processes,” said Pulsar co-founder & CEO Francesco D’Orazio. 

This innovation brings Pulsar – already offering the leading social & audience intelligence platform – one step closer to creating the most advanced media intelligence tool for communication professionals. 

Pulsar SEARCH offers unlimited usage and an easy-to-use keyword search with powerful filters and options to surface key news stories: users can find the news coverage they’re looking for in a matter of seconds, with the confidence they’re seeing the full picture with 100% of matching media items returned in their results – without needing to create complex or in-depth searches. Learn more about the tool here

“This innovation is a testament to our dedication to providing instant, hassle-free access to extensive information, representing a major advancement in Pulsar's offerings within the Public Relations and Communications space,” said D’Orazio. 

Pulsar SEARCH is the first of many new instant data and analytics products Pulsar is building for marketers and communication professionals. 

Source: Pulsar