Introducing the Audiences Podcast, Featuring Guests From Vogue & NewsGuard

A new lens for understanding and learning about communities

The Audiences Podcast

In the age of ubiquitous content and information abundance, with AI now turbo-charging the speed and range of creation, we don’t seem to be focusing enough on the other side of the coin: who’s paying attention, and how to find an audience for this tsunami of content.

So while there’s no shortage of podcasts focusing on the creative act and its output, The Audiences Podcast takes a different tack, exploring how that creativity enters people’s lives and focusing on the audiences and communities that form around any trend, idea or great creation. In the show, Pulsar CEO and Co-founder Francesco D’Orazio sits down with guests from a wide array of industries, united by one thing: that they build audiences for a living.

“This show is about audience discovery and development,” says Francesco. “Since the advent of the internet, consuming anything means coming together and forming communities, and that’s where things get interesting.” 

“The content acts as a catalyst for an audience, but we look too often only at the content and not enough at the thing it points to: the scene that forms around it. Any act of consumption is a way of reinforcing and developing our own identity. Looking at the audience that forms around content rather than at the content itself helps us understand how identities take shape and culture evolves.”

Guests will come from the worlds of fashion, tech, media and more, with the first two to take the microphone emphasizing the podcast’s scope and span.

Jenna Rak, Vogue’s Senior Director of Audience Development, Social Media and Analytics, shares what it means to build and maintain audiences for one of the world’s foremost fashion institutions.

Sarah Brandt, meanwhile, is EVP of partnerships at Newsguard. Together, her and Francesco discuss the audience of misinformation - where it forms from, and where it’s going next.

Fun fact: Original music for the podcast has been created by BBC Radio 1 Resident DJ Tennis.

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About the host

Francesco D'Orazio is the host of The Audiences Podcast and the Founder and CEO of Pulsar, an audience intelligence platform for researchers, marketeers and PR professionals who like to bake the audience at the core of anything they plan. He is a 3x founder in data, AI, social media, and culture analytics, has a Ph.D. in social science, and is specialised in immersive media and the evolution of audiences on the web.

Source: Pulsar

About Pulsar

Pulsar is the leading AI-powered audience intelligence platform, combining conversational and behavioral signals from the world's leading digital destinations to help brands understand their audiences and create messages that matter to them.


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