Psychometrics and Online Proctoring Leaders Partner to Deliver a Better Test-Taking Experience

ProctorFree and Assessment Systems Corporation announce game-changing partnership

ProctorFree, an award-winning, global leader in online exam proctoring software, and Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC), the pioneers in the use of AI in assessment and psychometrics, have partnered to make taking exams online more convenient without compromising validity. 

ProctorFree's expertise in secure, web-based online proctoring technology is enhanced by ASC's long history of excellence in computerized adaptive testing, multistage testing, item response theory, scaled scoring, and other powerful psychometric services.

"ProctorFree's online proctoring solutions are the perfect complement to ASC's testing solutions," said ASC founder Nathan Thompson. "For high- and medium-stakes exams that require a proctored component, ProctorFree offers a unique balance of state-of-the-art technology and award-winning customer support and human auditing to ensure fair and secure testing for all candidates."

The partnership is a prime example of two industry-leading companies with complementary technologies coming together to create an offering that delivers high-quality, secure exams with integrity for certification, education, and employment.

"ASC's experience and passion for learning and improving assessments, in particular with advanced analysis techniques and through the use of artificial intelligence, has always been of interest to us," said ProctorFree CEO Mike Murphy. "Further, we see alignment between the ProctorFree mission and ASC's mission to positively impact educational and career opportunities by facilitating the development of fair, valid, and reliable assessments." 

ASC helps organizations apply AI and modern psychometrics with its industry-leading online FastTest assessment platform. With FastTest, organizations can deliver higher quality assessments. ProctorFree's online proctoring solutions include a comprehensive suite of proctoring solutions to meet an organization's exam needs. Services include fully automated proctoring, human-assisted proctoring, and a secure testing browser for high-stakes exams. 

Both companies serve organizations worldwide that offer online testing, focusing in areas of certification, education, employment, and government organizations. 

Together, ProctorFree and ASC empower organizations to shorten timelines and make exams more convenient without ever compromising validity. Organizations can publish new exams in days, not weeks or months, and can always trust in the integrity of the results.

Together, ProctorFree and ASC are proud to offer a full range of testing services, including:

  • Item banking
  • Online testing
  • Easy scoring
  • Online proctoring
  • Psychometrics

About ProctorFree

Based in Davidson, North Carolina, ProctorFree delivers on-demand, easy-to-use, and cost-effective online proctoring solutions, including fully automated proctoring, human-assisted proctoring, secure browser-based testing, and exam delivery services. 

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About ASC

ASC provides comprehensive, AI-driven software for digital assessment. Our platform provides a single ecosystem to drive secure and valid exams, from item banking to online delivery to reporting. Modern psychometrics are used to drive best practices, from automated item generation (AIG) to item response theory (IRT) to computerized adaptive testing (CAT). Learn more at

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