ProctorFree Celebrates 10 Years of Online Proctoring

ProctorFree celebrates its tenth anniversary in the online proctoring industry.

This year, ProctorFree celebrates a decade of providing identity management and on-demand exam proctoring services. Founded in 2012 and incorporated in 2013, ProctorFree was one of the first to enter the remote proctoring space, and this year is set to be the busiest yet. ProctorFree offers an innovative solution that allows users to access exam proctoring services from anywhere, making exams more convenient and accessible. With its cutting-edge technology, ProctorFree is revolutionizing the way exams are taken - providing an invaluable service that is sure to benefit users everywhere.

"The past decade has been an incredible journey," said Mike Murphy, CEO of ProctorFree. "I'm immensely proud of the learning, relationships, and trust that have been built over this period of time," said Murphy. "We've been privileged to serve many clients who have been with us for almost the entire decade, and have been able to work with amazing team members and industry experts. Our service never sleeps and is available 24/7, but I'm taking the opportunity to reflect on all we've achieved. We're immensely thankful to all our clients and partners who have put their faith in us over the years." With such a rich history, ProctorFree is looking forward to continuing to provide valuable experiences and services to its customers.

ProctorFree's mission is rooted in the belief that if you can help improve the delivery of education, one can positively impact society. ProctorFree is working to help ensure education is delivered successfully and with integrity to a global audience. 

"When I first joined, a majority of our clients were in the Higher Education space," said Suzanne Flynn Speece, COO of ProctorFree. "However over time, we have continued to see adoption from commercial clients, training and professional organizations, and the healthcare sector. It's really been incredible to see the number of professional organizations either switch to or start offering a substantial online education component to their audience of users and practitioners. Adoption and positive change have remained consistent."

About ProctorFree

Based in Davidson, North Carolina, ProctorFree delivers on-demand, easy-to-use, and cost-effective online proctoring solutions, including fully automated proctoring, human-assisted proctoring, secure browser-based testing, and exam delivery services. Learn more at

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