ProctorFree and Udutu Announce Partnership

Tech Firms Partner to Bring Secure Exam Delivery to High-Stakes Regulatory Training

An international partnership between technology companies ProctorFree and Udutu will bring a higher level of security and confidence to training and testing done by Canadian commercial and government organizations. 

Together, the organizations will ensure more integrity throughout the training courses and examination process in highly regulated industries.

ProctorFree's secure online exam proctoring technology verifies student identity, protects test content, and deters cheating. Udutu offers a complete learning management system (LMS) and course authoring tools designed for regulatory training.

"Our two technologies really complement each other well," Mike Murphy, CEO of ProctorFree, said of the partnership. "Udutu enables an organization to get its proprietary content online for learners in an easy, secure, and compliant way. When it comes time for learners to put their knowledge to the test, ProctorFree delivers best-in-class online proctoring solutions including fully automated proctoring, human-assisted proctoring, and assessment delivery services."

Udutu CEO Maria Davidson lauded the partnership as a natural fit. "The integration is seamless and represents a combination of the best of both systems," she said. "For Udutu users, you don't even notice that you log into ProctorFree, it's that seamless. Especially for the learner, this is an amazing experience. The authentication just passes through with no need to log into a separate system."

For essential services that require providers to have a high level of competency and training, the partnership between ProctorFree and Udutu creates an additional level of security. From energy providers to training for elected officials, Udutu serves a broad range of public sector interests in Canada by providing the LMS and course authoring technology that serves as the platform for distributing knowledge. 

When this knowledge must be tested, ProctorFree's technology continuously verifies the student's identity, deters academic dishonesty through secure browser technology, and maintains the integrity of examination content by preventing recording or copying of test material during the examination.

About ProctorFree

Based in Davidson, North Carolina, ProctorFree delivers on-demand, easy-to-use, and cost-effective online proctoring solutions, including fully automated proctoring, human assisted proctoring, secure browser-based testing, and exam delivery services. Learn more at

About Udutu

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Udutu is a secure, cloud-hosted LMS for online training for onboarding, and compliance. Designed for corporate clients, Udutu provides a quick to deploy, easy to use, scalable private elearning solution that can be run without a full time administrator in order to achieve regulatory compliance, onboard and train staff and facilitate professional development. Learn more at

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