ProctorFree and Learn Test Pass Announce Real Estate Education Joint Venture

Online exam proctoring software and real estate education leaders partner to provide end-of-course exams for real estate educators.

ProctorFree + Learn Test Pass

ProctorFree, a global leader in online exam proctoring software, and Learn Test Pass, an expert in providing real estate exam questions, have announced a joint venture to offer an exceptional experience for real estate education providers seeking to provide pre-licensure and post-licensure exams with online AI proctoring.

This joint venture between ProctorFree and Learn Test Pass will ensure high-quality proctored testing and targeted exam questions for national and state-specific exams.

"Saving time, reducing inefficiencies, and allowing better options with this joint venture is meaningful because we can save real estate schools from paying rent on a testing center and staff to proctor live exams as well as printing and storage costs," said Mike Murphy, CEO of ProctorFree.

"Perhaps most importantly, real estate education professionals can leverage this platform to deliver their content to their customers - typically, new real estate professionals starting out in their career or seasoned real estate professionals that are keeping up with national or state licensure requirements," said Matt Davies, CEO of Learn Test Pass.

About ProctorFree

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About Learn Test Pass

Based in Hillsborough, North Carolina, Learn Test Pass is a platform designed to deliver quality education opportunities for real estate instructors and education providers. Learn Test Pass provides practice exams, exam preparation opportunities, and comprehensive end-of-course exams for pre-license and post-license classes in North Carolina. Learn Test Pass is instructor-owned and -operated. Learn more at

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