Principal Marketing Ventures Into Vibrant New Market

Principal Marketing's President discussed the firm's expansion into a bustling new market and the team member promoted to lead the effort. She also outlined the advantages of entering new markets.

“Principal Marketing continues to achieve new levels of success and growth,” declared Kim, the firm’s President. “The demand for our innovative marketing services continues to increase. We want to keep things moving in the right direction, so we have our sights set on further expansion. The first step is entering the thriving Chicago market, which we are proud to announce is happening right now.” The President explained that Lea has been promoted to lead this effort.

Kim also said that Lea’s ability to relate to everyone and solves any problems will make her very strong in this new position. She commented, “These traits will serve her well as she takes Principal Marketing into a bustling new market. I have full confidence in her ability to effectively lead a team and motivate associates to exceed goals for revenue and performance.” Lea will also be responsible for guiding the personal development of her team members and creating strategies to attract top new talent.

Principal Marketing’s leaders already have several dynamic campaigns ready to go in the Chicago region. Kim stated, “We are going to hit the ground running and help our people capitalize on the company’s momentum. It really is an exciting time to be part of the Principal Marketing family, and we are excited by the potential this venture offers.”

"Principal Marketing continues to achieve new levels of success and growth,"



Lea looks up to a few individuals to give her inspiration as she moves forward. Mark Parker is one of her business inspirations.

“Trying to be number one like Mark. He started from the bottom and worked his way up and is continually doing big things. I follow his channels and blogs about what's next for Nike. Can't wait to be as successful as him one day,” Lea said.

She also pulls inspiration from Dana Linn Bailey, a 2013 Olympic winner.

“She has really inspired me because it didn’t take over night to become number one it’s a process and just taking the time to mold each muscle that’s how I and currently trying to with myself and my skillets even if it takes time,” Lea said.

Principal Marketing’s President Extols the Benefits of Expansion

“There are so many good reasons to expand the influence of your business,” Kim noted. “Perhaps the most obvious is the idea that you can attract a broader customer base, and the competitive Chicago market will certainly provide that for the brands we represent.” The President and her fellow executives know this expansion will put the Principal Marketing name at the fronts of many consumers’ minds, and the commercial benefits will flow from there.

Kim also sees the recruitment potential in opening a large new market, and she knows this move will enable Principal Marketing to continue bringing in the brightest professionals. “We always want to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to our team,” the President added. “With a high-profile expansion effort like the one we are currently executing, there’s no doubt that this firm will be a more attractive destination for our industry’s sharpest minds.” Kim is ready to tap into the remarkable talent pool in the Chicago region and continue building Principal Marketing into a leading force in the industry.

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