Principal Marketing Prepares for Dallas Conference

​Principal Marketing’s Director discussed an upcoming conference and the many benefits it will provide. She also outlined the networking and professional-development opportunities afforded by these events. 

Principal Marketing’s leaders sometimes send team members on business trips, and an upcoming conference in Dallas is the next in line. According to Kim, the firm’s Director, it will offer Nicole, the individual chosen to attend, a range of professional benefits. “Nicole and I have a few goals I’d like her to achieve while she’s in the heart of Texas. I want her to make the most of everything the event has to offer.”

"Nicole and I have a few goals I'd like her to achieve while she's in the heart of Texas. I want her to make the most of everything the event has to offer."

Kim, Director

The Director hopes Nicole will enjoy and maximize the networking potential provided by the gathering. She remarked, “Nicole will be up-close and personal with a wide variety of peers and industry leaders. I fully expect that she will return to the office with a handful of valuable new contacts.” Kim noted that Principal Marketing receives unexpected value from the connections team members make at these industry functions. 

Along with new contacts, Nicole will have the chance to build her skill set by being in situations that stretch her comfort zone. She will grow more comfortable in challenging circumstances and take that self-assurance into future pursuits. Kim added, “There is always so much to learn, even for someone as dedicated and outwardly confident as Nicole. She will be able to listen to inspiring speeches and get a feel for best practices being used across our industry. I want Nicole to expand her training responsibilities here at Principal Marketing, and the combination of travel and our commitment to continuing education promises to develop her acumen quite a bit.”

Principal Marketing’s Director on Unexpected Benefits of Attending Conferences

“We take travel as an opportunity to try new things,” the Director commented. “You can learn a lot and be exposed to fresh ideas when you travel for business, but the positive outcomes go beyond new information. Principal Marketing also gains from the adaptability our people develop every time they venture out to conferences, seminars, and other events. They learn to make the best of unexpected delays and itinerary changes, and they bring that flexibility back to work with them.”

Kim also appreciates any experience that gives fresh perspectives to Principal Marketing’s innovative campaigns. “Our team members get recharged when they take these kinds of trips. They get to break out of their routines and remind themselves why they love what they do. We encourage them to experience everything a new place has to offer, from great restaurants and museums to natural attractions.” The Director believes this fresh outlook combines with new insights and contacts to keep the company on the leading edge in a competitive marketplace. 

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