Principal Marketing Extols Benefits of Hiring College Grads

Recruiting new college graduates has helped to accelerate Principal Marketing's growth. The firm's President discussed the benefits of hiring grads and a current push to expand the company's team of promotional specialists.

“College graduates bring so much to the table,” stated Kim, the President of Principal Marketing. “They are ambitious and ready to make their names in the industries they have chosen. Beyond that, however, they are excited to learn and apply new concepts along the way. Maybe it’s because they’re still in learning mode from completing their college credits, but new grads definitely inspire more experienced associates to elevate their games.” Kim and the rest of the Principal Marketing leadership group have seen these benefits up close and personal.

New graduates are also comfortable working with new technology, which benefits their more seasoned colleagues. The President remarked, “Principal Marketing has made its name as an innovative and future-focused company. When we recruit college grads, we build that reputation even further.” Kim believes being well-versed in emerging tech devices is a huge advantage in a competitive marketplace.

"Adding new talent to our organization is the best way to get 2017 off to a great start. We have major new markets in our sights for expansion in the coming months, and we need dynamic people to expand our team."

Kim, President

The President believes Principal Marketing is the ideal landing spot for any ambitious new graduate. She explained, “Our training program is comprehensive and allows for personalized points of emphasis. That gives driven young professionals the ideal opportunities to develop their skills and pursue their specific goals.” Kim and her fellow Principal Marketing leaders also stress ongoing education, which helps the company retain its most driven team members. “We give our high achievers every reason to stay put and keep reaching higher,” the President added.

Principal Marketing’s President Discusses a Current Hiring Initiative

As Principal Marketing continues its expansion into new markets, Kim and the rest of the leadership team are focused on hiring business-minded individuals who want to improve along with the company. “We can’t afford to slow down now,” the President stated. “Adding new talent to our organization is the best way to get 2017 off to a great start. We have major new markets in our sights for expansion in the coming months, and we need dynamic people to expand our team.”

Principal Marketing’s leaders promote based on merit, which gives every new hire the secure knowledge that his or her efforts are appreciated. “People drive our success,” the President concluded. “We never want our team members to feel overlooked in any way, so we provide recognition in many forms for our associates’ effort and dedication.” From exotic retreats to team bowling nights, Principal Marketing’s people have all kinds of incentives to keep them engaged and motivated.

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