Principal Marketing Touts 2017 Business Coaching Success

Principal Marketing's Director of Operations highlighted a few of the company's 2017 highlights. She also highlighted the importance of setting aggressive goals for professional development.

“We’re coming to the end of a year to remember for Principal Marketing,” stated Kim P., the firm’s Director of Operations. “It’s time to take stock of what we accomplished and start planning to make 2018 an even bigger year for our team and brands we promote. We know maintaining the status quo, however well we’re doing at the moment, just isn’t good enough in our competitive industry.”

There were memorable moments throughout 2017 for the members of Team Principal Marketing. They included an all-expenses-paid trip to Portugal and several national conferences. The Director added, “We also expanded to a bigger office due to our continuing growth. During an international award ceremony, we saw one of our promotional experts win the consistency manager of the year award. It was inspiring to see someone who started from the bottom earn such a prestigious form of recognition.”

"It's time to take stock of what we accomplished and start planning to make 2018 an even bigger year for our team and brands we promote. We know maintaining the status quo, however well we're doing at the moment, just isn't good enough in our competitive industry."

Kim, Director of Operations

As 2018 approaches, Kim has several ambitious goals already in place. She explained, “We have plans for new training procedures to help our brand ambassadors reach even greater heights of success. Expanding into new territories will also be a focal point for us in 2018, as well as the promotion of three new managers.”

Principal Marketing’s Director of Operations on the Benefits of Clear Goals

Being intentional about planning for the future is an essential driver of growth, for companies and for individuals. Kim asserts that well-defined objectives are key elements of high achievement. She explained, “Just as we have specific expansion plans for Principal Marketing as a whole, it’s important that our team members establish clear goals for their own development.”

One of the primary benefits of having clear-cut aspirations is that they lead to actionable steps that make a real difference. “There’s no wasted effort when you have explicit outcomes in mind,” Kim added. “Our promotional experts know what they’re aiming for in the long run, so every small milestone they achieve makes a real impact.”

The ability to measure progress is another positive aspect of setting clear benchmarks. The Director added, “It’s easier to make meaningful improvements if you know where you stand at all times. Our team members can track their progress toward major objectives and adjust on the fly if they take the time to refine their targets.”

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