Principal Marketing Thrives With Interactive Promotions

Principal Marketing's leadership team emphasizes dynamic marketing in a world obsessed with virtual interactions. The firm's president discussed this and her aggressive goals for future expansion and hiring.

Smartphones, social media, and other digital experiences are useful marketing tools,” acknowledged Kim P., the president of Principal Marketing. “However, I believe there is still no substitute for getting up close and personal with customers. At Principal Marketing, we focus on interactive promotions for just that reason. Our team members create meaningful connections with the public that lead to brand loyalty and enhanced profitability for our firm.”

One of the biggest advantages of dynamic promotion is the fact that it offers immediate feedback. The president explained, “You learn very quickly which elements of an interactive campaign are most effective. Even better, you find out what doesn’t work, which allows you to adapt and devise new strategies for engaging targeted audiences. Our team at Principal Marketing takes full advantage of this benefit, and the people behind the brands we promote see big payoffs as a result.”

Interactive marketing methods also allow a firm’s associates to actually live out the values leaders emphasize. In other words, the culture that gets promoted in online content has actual faces and voices to advance it in the real world. “I think customers get an added appreciation of what Principal Marketing stands for through interactions with our team members,” Kim added. “That is the ultimate way to spread the word about your shared values and company culture.”

"I think customers get an added appreciation of what Principal Marketing stands for through interactions with our team members,"



Principal Marketings President on Ambitious Goal Setting

Kim and the rest of the Principal Marketing executive team understand that they must continually set higher benchmarks if they want to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. The president stated, “If you maintain the status quo, you risk irrelevance – it’s as simple as that. We encourage our team members to hold themselves to high standards and put progressively higher targets in place on a regular basis.”

This dedication to ambitious goal setting can be seen in the president’s expansion and growth objectives for the near future. She explained, “We are pursuing opportunities in vibrant new markets as we speak. To make good on those expansion goals, we will also add more talent to our already exceptional team. The next few months will be a busy time at Principal Marketing, and I expect 2016 to be a memorable and record-breaking year for our company and represented brands.”

About Principal Marketing

Principal Marketing specializes in unique promotional initiatives that produce lasting, measurable growth in new markets. Applying our core values of integrity, honesty and a strong work ethic, Principal Marketing executives are committed to expanding public awareness of our clients quickly and cost-effectively. By carefully researching consumer demographics, Principal Marketing designs strategic campaigns that captivate targeted audiences to significantly increase revenue. With the use of interactive marketing approaches based on dynamic outreach strategies, clients develop connections with consumers on a personal level, engaging and retaining these long-term relationships for outstanding profitability. For more information, please visit

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