Principal Marketing Prioritizes Knowledge Management

The President of Principal Marketing discussed the impact a sound knowledge management system makes on the firm's success. She also explained how the emphasis on information sharing helps the team analyze data.

“No ambitious team should be without a strategy for knowledge management,” said Kim, Principal Marketing’s President. “There is information everywhere, and it offers substantial value to businesses. It’s a matter of consulting reliable sources and interpreting it accurately. That’s why my colleagues and I are so adamant about our commitment to the process.”

Kim pointed out one of the biggest benefits of such a system is the ability to streamline procedures. “Just consider the way decisions are made in the average workplace,” she stated. “They’re often drawn-out ordeals that require meetings. Permission must be obtained from various individuals in the chain of command. That isn’t how we do things at Principal Marketing. Having trained our people to evaluate data and apply it to potential solutions, we trust and empower team members to make well-informed decisions.”

"This information sharing is given special attention in the Principal Marketing management training program,"

Kim , President

According to Kim, promoting good knowledge management has the added benefit of encouraging growth and professional development. She stated that everyone in the organization is significantly self-aware, and routinely identifies areas of needed improvement. They make deliberate efforts to seek new opportunities and gather new tools that will help them advance.

Similarly, management’s focus on sharing information spurs innovation. As associates expand their skills and experiences, they collaborate and discuss their ideas with one another. Eventually, they manage to fuse the best concepts and come up with unforgettable promotional campaigns.

Principal Marketing President Explores the Dynamics of the Company’s Management Program

“This information sharing is given special attention in the Principal Marketing management training program,” Kim continued. “As team members move into management roles, we expect a great deal more from them. We want to do our best to impart our insights to them, and ensure they know everything there is to know about our operations. Then, it is up to them to use their knowledge to ensure that the team is engaged, everyone is performing well, and customers are happy.”

“In other words, we’re dedicated to using our collective wisdom and abilities efficiently,” Kim concluded. “We translate all we learn into actionable goals, for the success of everyone involved. From our people and our partners to our community and the sales and marketing industry as a whole, we work together to make change.”

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