Principal Marketing Highlights Promotion, Keeps Growing

The President of Principal Marketing detailed a recently promoted member of her team and discussed the firm's culture of advancement. She also outlined plans for future expansion and hiring.

“We have always emphasized professional advancement here at Principal Marketing,” stated Kim, the company’s President. “Our talented people know exactly what they must do to reach higher levels within our organization, and they receive ongoing training to help them thrive. Patrycja, who is one of our top performers, was recently elevated into a management role, and I am optimistic about how much she will achieve in the future.”

Kim continued, “Patrycja’s top three strengths are her work ethic, her drive, and her persistence. She has mentored and helped so many people in this office. It’s those people, and their results, which have promoted her to her new position. The benefit to Principal Marketing and our entire team is huge, because Patrycja takes advantage of every opportunity and challenge.”

The President believes Patrycja is a prime role model for her Principal Marketing teammates because she makes herself available for new challenges. “Whenever there’s a new brand, test market, or travel opportunity, Patrycja is the first one to jump in and gain new experiences,” Kim remarked. “Over time, putting yourself out there so much gives you a lot of confidence. She is a great example of how much it pays to be open to new experiences.”

"I have no doubt that Patrycja is up to the challenge of thriving as a manager, and I know everyone involved with Principal Marketing will benefit as a result."



In her new role, Patrycja will be responsible for guiding the personal development and professional success of 20 to 25 team members. She will need to plan weekly team meetings to discuss all sales functions and customer service issues. The President commented, “I have no doubt that Patrycja is up to the challenge of thriving as a manager, and I know everyone involved with Principal Marketing will benefit as a result.”

Principal Marketing’s President Discusses Expansion and Hiring

“We have ambitious plans for growth and expansion in the coming months,” the President declared. “Principal Marketing has earned a reputation as an innovative industry leader, but we want to continue taking the brands we promote to new heights of success. We have several major markets in our sights, and the future is bright for our team and the businesses we represent.”

Kim and the rest of the Principal Marketing leadership group understand that additional talent will be required to make good on the firm’s aggressive plans for future growth. The President explained, “A diverse group of high achievers powers our success, and collaboration is a key element of our culture. We will be looking for well-rounded team players as we look for the right talent to push our big objectives across the finish line.”

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Principal Marketing specializes in unique promotional initiatives that produce lasting, measurable growth in new markets. Applying our core values of integrity, honesty and a strong work ethic, Principal Marketing executives are committed to expanding public awareness of our clients quickly and cost-effectively. By carefully researching consumer demographics, Principal Marketing designs strategic campaigns that captivate targeted audiences to significantly increase revenue. With the use of interactive marketing approaches based on dynamic outreach strategies, clients develop connections with consumers on a personal level, engaging and retaining these long-term relationships for outstanding profitability. For more information, please visit

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