Principal Marketing Highlights Bahamas Trip

The president of Principal Marketing discussed the group's recent excursion to the Bahamas, as well as upcoming travel opportunities. She also described several benefits of taking vacations.

“Several of Principal Marketing’s top performers accompanied me on the Bahamas vacation,” said Kim P., the firm’s president. “Attendance was strictly performance-based, and I think Jill M., Lindsay S., Lea G., Sean D., Josh K., and Sarah C. definitely earned their invitations. We had an amazing time, of course! There was plenty of rest and relaxation, and we networked with other participants in the sales and marketing field. We learned a lot about their best practices in the process.”

Kim confirmed that there are several upcoming road trips for the team as well, including a quarterly conference. “We have some people in Kansas City, and there are plans in place to head to Baltimore and Minneapolis,” she stated. “Patrycja L. is our event trainer, and she’s taking these markets by storm. She is the face of one of the valued brands we represent, and she is charged with testing certain markets. At first she was hitting every hard challenge over and over, but she did not let those obstacles discourage her. She kept innovating and found ways to engage targeted consumers.”

"Vacations can spur creativity, strengthen relationships, provide insights into solving problems, and boost productivity,"

Kim P., Company President

Principal Marketings President Described the Importance of Taking Vacations

According to Kim, the Principal Marketing business travel schedule keeps team members quite busy, but there are plenty of positive outcomes to getting away from the daily grind of the office. The trip to the Bahamas and similar extended vacations are particularly valuable to overall well-being.

“Vacations can spur creativity, strengthen relationships, provide insights into solving problems, and boost productivity,” Kim continued. “Believe it or not, rest and relaxation saves lives. For instance, research has found that men who skip vacations are 30 percent more likely to suffer heart attacks than those who go away at least one week per year. It’s not much different for women. Those who vacation only once every six years are nearly eight times more likely to be diagnosed with coronary heart disease or even have heart attacks than those who go away at least twice per year.”

“Unfortunately, American workers aren’t big vacationers,” Kim concluded. “Even those who receive paid time off often don’t use all their available days. People who are overworked and stressed don’t tend to work efficiently, and they have a lot of trouble staying engaged. They need to unplug and unwind. In fact, just the act of planning a trip makes a huge impact. I encourage everyone at Principal Marketing to take advantage of all opportunities to get away.”

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