Principal Marketing Builds Team Through Personal Recruiting

The President of Principal Marketing outlined the benefits of personal recruiting in assembling a dynamic professional team. She also discussed how the firm's commitment to training helps attract top talent.

​As they pursue aggressive goals for expansion and company growth, the leadership team at Principal Marketing is making use of personal recruiting to build a diverse group of top performers. Kim, the firm’s President, explained, “We want to leverage every possible source of dynamic talent as we look to expand our operations. Our recruiting efforts have increasingly turned toward more personal methods, including social media, direct referrals, and job fairs at colleges and universities.”

Referrals from current team members can be especially useful. The President commented, “We have some very skilled and well-rounded people here at Principal Marketing. Their suggestions have led to some great hires, and I predict that will continue in the future. It’s always nice to have an up-close and personal assessment of someone’s talents and personality traits, and these types of referrals are always welcome as far as I’m concerned.”

"We place a premium on sharp talent from the ranks of new graduates,"

Kim, President

Kim and the rest of the Principal Marketing executive team also make use of job fairs on college campuses to find strong candidates. “We place a premium on sharp talent from the ranks of new graduates,” the President noted. “They bring so much enthusiasm, not to mention familiarity with the latest technology. Whether we need summer interns or fresh talent for entry-level roles, we consider job fairs to be amazing resources.”

Facebook is also a useful tool when it comes to recruiting bright candidates, and Principal Marketing’s executive team takes advantage of this fact. “It’s impossible for job boards or company websites to match the recruitment traffic that Facebook provides,” Kim added. “With that comes a highly diverse pool of candidates. Beyond those benefits, though, is the idea that you are communicating with a potential hire in a much more personal way than you can through traditional job listings.”

Principal Marketing’s President on How the Firm’s Developmental Approach Attracts Talent

“Here at Principal Marketing, we are dedicated to sharpening the unique talents of every associate,” stated the President. “I think that makes our firm an ideal landing spot for any passionate, business-minded job seeker. We want to give talented people the opportunity to grow and develop right along with our company.”

The firm’s training program is extensive, and it matches every new hire with a seasoned performer. This devotion to complete education doesn’t stop with the initial training period, though. Kim concluded, “We expand on every important concept through ongoing training sessions. At Principal Marketing, the learning and improvement opportunities never end.”

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