Principal Marketing Attends National Quarterly Conference

The President of Principal Marketing explained how her firm participated in a recent industry event. She also outlined a number of conference and travel benefits.

“Everyone here at Principal Marketing is fiercely committed on continuous learning and growth,” said Kim, the company’s President. “One of our strategies for making it happen is by traveling to various sales and marketing functions. For instance, our high achievers recently attended a national event, which is held on a quarterly basis. They returned to the office full of inspiration, energy, and focus.”

Kim pointed to the numerous benefits that result from participating in conferences, training, and retreats. In addition to learning, the most impactful opportunities are networking and team bonding. Education took place in the form of workshops and presentations on a wide array of topics, such as problem solving, market trends, strategic planning, goal setting, and more. The Principal Marketing associates carefully review the agenda before each event, and identify which sessions would most benefit the firm. Then they design their schedules to attend the big-impact lectures and obtain the highest possible value from the function.

“In terms of networking, these conferences present great opportunities to reconnect with the existing members of our professional circles,” Kim stated. “Of course, we always get to make new acquaintances with influential people as well. In doing so, we form lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Over time, we discuss best practices, trade introductions and referrals, and sometimes manage joint projects.”

"The trip to the national quarterly conference was incredibly important to me. It gave me an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals from all over the continent! "


Event Trainer

The team-bonding component of conference participation means associates are given plenty of time to socialize after the training sessions. They relax and share meals, getting to know one another as friends instead of coworkers. Strengthening relationships in such a way adds to the camaraderie they feel back at the office. Collaboration, productivity, and performance soar as a result.

Kim announced Dan, the Event Trainer, that  was hand-selected to attended the national quarterly conference. He continues to strive to be a huge part of Principal Marketing as well as a great mentor to his team.

“The trip to the national quarterly conference was incredibly important to me. It gave me an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals from all over the continent! It also showed me ways to bring my leadership qualities into a professional setting and gave me the tools I needed to come back to my team and better build and lead my team,” said Dan.

Not only did Dan learn valuable skill-sets, he also learned all about team building, retaining stronger team members, the process of a good interview, and everything he needs to know in order to create a stronger campaign for his clients.

President of Principal Marketing Elaborates on the Positive Outcomes of Travel

“Even the journeys to and from industry functions offer substantial value,” Kim concluded. “I’m constantly reminding my colleagues at Principal Marketing to look past the annoyances of traffic jams and delayed flights. I want individuals to appreciate the new and exciting people and places around them. If you pay attention, there’s plenty to learn and explore about yourself as well as other cultures. Then, when you return fulfilled and exhausted, you can enjoy the experience of genuinely appreciating your home. It’s a win-win, and I guarantee there’s nothing else quite like it.”

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