Primal Management Group's New Office, Hiring, and Goals

Primal Management Group’s President announced that the firm has successfully expanded into a larger office building to contain more team members. He also discussed the importance of goals.

“Our company is experiencing steady growth, and we’ve recently moved to a new office to accommodate our growing team!” declared Isaac B., Primal Management Group’s President. “We’ve enjoyed ever-increasing demand for our customer acquisition services, and we know that always precipitates a need for more space.”

"We've enjoyed ever-increasing demand for our customer acquisition services, and we know that always precipitates a need for more space."

Isaac B., President

Primal Management Group leaders have already established themselves as the go-to resource for telecom companies seeking to enlarge their consumer bases, and the new headquarters opens up access to an entirely new demographic. With this in mind, Isaac is eager to hire career-oriented professionals who fit in with the organization’s existing culture and team dynamic.

“We’re looking for sharp talent to join our team, though I think we approach this from a different angle than other companies,” Isaac explained. “We’re less worried about experience than we are about cultural fit. If I interview someone with an engaging personality and a passion for the public, but he or she lacks experience in our industry, I’m still likely to consider that person. Our training and coaching programs are well-developed and effective. I encourage anyone interested in working with a strong team in a fast-paced business with rewards based on merit to visit our website and apply.”

How Personal and Business Goals Make the Difference at Primal Management Group

To account not only for the prosperity that Primal Management Group enjoys as an organization, but also to the way his teammates thrive, Isaac points out the necessity of having measurable objectives. Neither businesses nor people can stay in one place for too long if they wish to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive economy, he says.

“It’s important to be aware of your goal at all times. As they say, you should be stubborn about your goals, but flexible with your methods. You can’t do that if you don’t know the specific target you’re aiming for,” stated Isaac. “This applies both to organizational aims as well as personal ones.”

Isaac recommends starting with written statements that define what success looks like. These should be written when one is in the appropriate mind-set, feeling optimistic and confident about the future. Also, he recommends keeping emotionally charged words like “should” or “must” out of the equation, to avoid motivation by guilt.

“Perhaps most importantly, though, you need to set goals that make you tingle when you think about them,” Isaac shared. “You’ll know you’re thinking big enough if you get goosebumps writing down your ideas. This has worked both for me personally and for Primal Management Group as a company, and I have no doubt this method of goal setting will continue to fuel our success in the future.”

About Primal Management Group Inc.

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