Primal Management Group Prepares Interns for Success

​Primal Management Group’s Director of Operations discussed the firm’s internship program and a current hiring initiative. He also highlighted the importance of goal setting in the company’s training approach.

The Primal Management Group internship program is about to get into full swing. Isaac B., the firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “We’re ready to welcome a new crop of college students and grads into our office to receive hands-on training. Our program focuses on taking what interns learned in university classrooms and applying it to the real world.”

"We're ready to welcome a new crop of college students and grads into our office to receive hands-on training."

Isaac, Director of Operations

Professional growth is a core Primal Management Group principle. Isaac remarked, “We refer to our training approach as the Young Entrepreneur Program because it gives new hires and interns a wide-ranging marketing education. Every individual gets the chance to rotate through our firm’s different operations. Along the way, they learn communication skills and gain experience working on key projects.” Those who complete the program also develop best practices in hiring, interviewing, and retention.

The experience gained by students and recent grads makes them more attractive to employers. “Hiring managers want to know that any potential team member has some relevant work history,” Isaac added. “We make sure our interns receive well-rounded professional educations as they gain valuable experience.”

The Director also highlighted the hiring push that has emerged as a response to the firm’s ongoing growth. He commented, “We’re looking for people with fresh ideas to help us turn our aggressive expansion plans into reality. Additions to Primal Management Group need to be strong team players who are committed to constant learning. We offer clear pathways to advancement for people who are dedicated to refining their skills.”

Primal Management Group’s Director on the Value of Setting Goals

Goal setting is a major element of the Primal Management Group training strategy. Isaac stated, “It’s not enough for a professional or company to reach a certain level of success and then maintain it. You have to continually aim higher, which is what we train our team members to do. This emphasis on setting high benchmarks extends to our internship program. Those who complete the program are ready to take the reins and build successful careers.”

Whether they involve revenue, customer satisfaction, or philanthropy, the goals set around the Primal Management Group office keep people engaged. The Director concluded, “We’re always chasing a new objective that builds our firm’s reputation. It’s the only way to stand out in a competitive marketplace.”

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