Primal Management Group, Inc. Seeks Talented College Grads

Primal Management Group, Inc. is looking to hire talented college grads to join their organization in the customer acquisitions industry during an exciting time of expansion.

“Things move fast in the world of marketing, and that’s what makes it such an exciting time to find a career at Primal Management Group, Inc.,” said Isaac, Director of Operations. “We want to spread the word that we’re actively looking for talented individuals to fill a number of positions at our organization.”

Primal Management Group, Inc. is committed to keeping up with the breakneck pace of innovation in the customer acquisitions industry, which is why the team is making aggressive moves to expand their company. This has created multiple new roles that must be filled, including sales representatives, client representatives, marketing training program, communications assistant and coordinator, and event manager.

"Things move fast in the world of marketing, and that's what makes it such an exciting time to find a career at Primal Management Group, Inc.,"

Isaac, Director of Operations

The focus of these positions will be on brand building and coordinating with sales, marketing, and event organizers to meet company objectives. Associates will also be responsible for providing setup and staffing at events and will need to develop knowledge about all brand products. Weekly meetings will be held between team members to review the results from previous events and plan for upcoming ones.

“We want to hire energetic folks who thrive on getting good results and have incredible people skills,” said Isaac. “We also like to keep our talented associates around. We offer benefits like uncapped bonuses and paid travel opportunities.”

Primal Management Group, Inc. on a Millennial Focus

“We put a huge emphasis on engaging fresh talent at Primal Management Group, Inc., which is why we’re looking to hire motivated college grads,” said Isaac. “Engaging with this new element of the workforce is key to the growth of our company.” Primal Management Group, Inc. is actively seeking those who embody the company’s core values of ambition, excellence, focus, and optimism.

That underscores the hiring philosophies at Primal Management Group, Inc., where recent graduates can rest assured that they won’t be judged on their level of experience. “During the hiring process, what we’re looking for is people who can learn,” said Isaac. “Being ambitious and always striving for excellence are more important in our minds than lengthy résumé.”

One thing Primal Management Group, Inc.’s team works hard to prevent is attrition, particularly among the younger associates. As Isaac points out, “Above all, we want our team members to feel motivated and challenged. That’s why we built our company around merit-based advancement. We offer lots of opportunities to move up.” Primal Management Group, Inc. also hosts companywide events and offers bonuses along with other incentives, like travel, networking, team-building, and achievement and recognition opportunities.

Other core values found in abundance at Primal Management Group, Inc. include a service-based attitude and a commitment to philanthropy. “We understand better than anyone that members of the millennial cohort in particular want to work for organizations that give back,” said Isaac. “We’ve put programs in place to do just that, and our associates have lots of chances to participate in fun philanthropic activities.”

Primal Management Group, Inc. is also a place where up-and-coming graduates just entering the workforce will find plenty of support. “We don’t leave our fresh talent high and dry,” said Isaac. “New colleagues can rest assured that we offer robust mentorship opportunities and communicative leadership. At Primal Management Group, Inc., we train new team members 100 percent and continue to provide chances for them to grow. If you can focus on the prize, you’ll be a great fit.”

About Primal Management Group Inc.

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Source: Primal Management Group