Pride Management Group Collaborates During the Holidays

Pride Management Group's president discussed how the firm's collaborative culture helps ward off holiday stress. She also outlined the ways her team members reinforce their bonds during the holiday season.

“Customer interactions hit their peak levels during the holiday season,” reported Katie, the president of Pride Management Group. “Our team members work together to ensure that they aren’t overwhelmed by the demands or the frenetic pace of this time of year. Our associates’ ability to fuse their talents has made our company an industry leader. It comes in handy during the holiday rush.”

Pride Management Group’s team members are adept at melding their unique talents to create remarkable results. During the holidays, Katie and the company’s leaders help them do so by laying out clear expectations. “We want our people to know what they need to accomplish, both individually and collectively,” the president noted. “This takes on added importance during the holidays, since there are so many things outside the office to distract them. When our team members understand what each person is responsible for, this busy time of year goes by much more smoothly.”

"Even if I can only give them an afternoon off, that can be all they need to perform at their best,"

Katie, President

Katie also believes in giving her people some downtime during the holiday frenzy. “Even if I can only give them an afternoon off, that can be all they need to perform at their best,” she added. “Simply getting away from the office to get in a little bit of shopping or to take care of a few errands can make a world of difference.”

Pride Management Groups Associates Strengthen Bonds During Holidays

Company leaders understand the holiday season presents some unique opportunities for team building. The president explained, “Our holiday parties here at Pride Management Group are well-known for being fun and memorable. Our team members look forward to them, and so do I. These events give us a chance to blow off steam and celebrate the successes of the year. I also like to take the opportunity to recognize the contributions of our top performers.”

Katie also organizes giveback events to bring her people closer and brighten the season for people in need. “Our team supports a range of worthy causes throughout the year,” the president remarked. “When the holidays come around, we identify opportunities which will make a big impact in the community. Working together for a good cause is the ideal way to build bonds between team members, plus our people enjoy the experience.”

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