Pride Management Group Attends Quarterly Conference

Top performers at Pride Management Group recently attended the industry's quarterly conference. The firm's President highlighted her focus on hiring for 2016.

“Pride Management Group had a successful showing at the industry’s quarterly conference,” said Katie, the President. “It was a great opportunity for our leaders to meet and learn from some of the best minds in the business. We intend to use our new knowledge throughout 2016.”

The management team at Pride Management Group knows the best way to maintain a competitive edge is to leverage the leading ideas in the industry. “Participating in conferences enables us to keep up with the latest trends,” said the President. “Additionally, our people get an opportunity to strut their stuff. This year, our team members were featured as speakers. Their presentations were very well-received.”

"Everyone needs a break now and then," added

Katie, President

“In addition to training, conferences are ideal for networking,” she added. Individuals are encouraged to meet peers and industry leaders, which have the potential to become long-term relationships. “In some cases, our associates establish connections that turn into joint ventures and partnerships,” she said. “Occasionally, we receive referrals for new business.”

Most importantly, attending conferences gives team members a respite from the office. “Everyone needs a break now and then,” added the President. “An event with educational and networking opportunities sparks creativity. When individuals return, their innovative thinking becomes infectious. New approaches to everyday problems make us more competitive.”

Pride Management Group Sets Hiring Objectives

With Pride Management Group set to grow in 2016, the management team has established goals to hire new talent. “Everyone is back from the conference, so we need to focus on enhancing our team,” said Katie. “We’re hiring new grads and experienced professionals in all departments.”

The executive team at Pride Management Group is committed to career development. “When you work here, you receive a personalized career plan,” said the President. “We expect every new hire to become a leader.” The firm offers a coaching program, through which associates are paired with experienced managers to learn the ropes. “Our approach gives individuals hands-on training while they learn the business,” she added. “Plus, they become self-sufficient in record time.”

Candidates who are interested in applying for a position with Pride Management Group should refer to the company’s website for more details. “We are looking for top-performing, motivated professionals,” said Katie. “If you are interested in becoming part of our winning team, we would like to meet you.”

Katie and the management team are enthusiastic about the year ahead. She concluded, “Our participation in the quarterly conference has inspired our team. With our projected growth and our aggressive hiring plans, we will be able to produce campaigns and promotions that exceed anything we have done before. What is more exciting than that?”

About Pride Management Group

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