Pride Management Group Awards Incentive Trip

The management team at Pride Management Group recently awarded a coveted incentive trip to the company's top performers. The firm's president highlighted the benefits of taking time off.

​The executives at Pride Management Group recently announced the company’s incentive trip to the Bahamas. “Our top performers will be joining me on an all-expenses paid vacation to the Atlantis Resort,” said Katie, the company’s president. “It’s nice to kick back and relax after everyone’s hard work. Our outstanding results speak for themselves.”

Throughout the year, team members have been eyeing this excursion. “Everyone has been angling to go on this trip,” said Katie. “As you can imagine, there has been quite a bit of competition to be chosen.” Though only a select number of individuals are able to go to the Bahamas, the executives at Pride Management Group provide other travel incentives and recognition programs throughout the year.

"When you take time off, you boost your mental and physical health,"

Katie, Company President

This trip is particularly meaningful for Katie, because she will be bringing a special guest along with her. “I have always wanted to treat my mother to a unique vacation,” she said. “I have finally reached a point in my life where I can do something special for her. She is thrilled to be sharing this occasion with me.”

Pride Management Group’s President Advocates Taking Time Off

Katie and the management team at Pride Management Group understand that rest and relaxation are important for people’s health. “You can take care of yourself by exercising regularly and eating well,” said Katie. “However, taking a vacation is another way to manage your well-being.”

“Playtime isn’t just for kids,” added the president. “It benefits the older set, too. For instance, when we engage in a game of beach volleyball, we experience anticipation, surprise, and pleasure. When we are hanging out by the ocean, we aren’t worried about the rules and responsibilities that dominate our lives. We get a much-needed break.”

Health experts agree that vacations help reduce stress and anxiety. “When you take time off, you boost your mental and physical health,” said Katie. “Everyone needs a break, no matter who you are.” Free time also enables individuals to spend quality time with family and friends. “Disconnecting from my electronic devices is a highlight of my vacation!” she added.

Katie and the management team are happy to offer incentives such as the Bahamas trip to high-performing members of the team. “When people give us their best efforts on a consistent basis, we can’t thank them enough,” she said. “That’s why we offer rewards such as trips to exotic locations. At the end of the day, our success results from the dedication and hard work of our team. We value everything our associates do to make that happen.”

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