Prepare a Digital Crisis Management Plan, Industry Insider Cautions

As internet usage climbs and the fate of businesses may be determined in mere moments, digital crisis management plans can be a lifeline.

Digital Crisis Management

Husam Jandal, an internationally acclaimed business and marketing consultant, says business leaders are missing a key strategy that could someday be crucial to the survival of their companies: a digital crisis management plan. The industry insider, who has spent more than two decades helping businesses grow through digital marketing, notes that the very same mechanisms that bolster an organization online can quickly become a detriment when protective measures aren't put in place in advance of a digital crisis. The topic is covered in detail on his site in "Digital Crisis Management: Why, When, and How to Plan."

Jandal points to examples such as a restaurant that ran out of stock, a hotel that inaccurately phoned police to report a "suspicious person" who turned out to be a guest, and a dental office's poor response to a bad review. Each incident, though seemingly small, rapidly became a firestorm for the business because the issue was not handled swiftly before the masses online caught wind. The reputations of some businesses were so shattered in the aftermath that they were forced to close their doors forever. In other examples, businesses failed to lock down their online accounts before terminating employees, giving the soon-to-be-former employees ample time to post at will to hundreds of thousands of the organization's social media followers.

"Most businesses dream of going viral, but these situations can be a nightmare," Jandal laments. "With forethought and planning, organizations can weather just about any type of digital crisis, though."

Jandal urges business owners to create a digital crisis management plan now while they can craft mindful responses without pressure. Early planning also allows businesses to respond more swiftly when an incident occurs and have a framework in place to mitigate issues.

"A large part of strategic response plans is having the right people in place beforehand," Jandal explains. He says that experienced community managers can often put out virtual fires before they start but should also know who to bring in when an issue escalates and when to bring them in. Limiting access to accounts and having a quick shutdown protocol are also essential components of a solid digital crisis management plan.

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