Digital Marketing Outsourcing Surges as Businesses Cope With Talent & Economic Challenges

Unique conditions make digital marketing outsourcing a key strategy for small and midsized businesses seeking growth in today's market.

Husam Jandal, an internationally acclaimed business and marketing consultant, says more small and midsized businesses are turning to digital marketing outsourcing to solve the unique challenges emerging today. As inflation drives operational costs up and the shortage of experienced marketers persists, outsourcing is fast becoming the preferred way to drive digital marketing results without having to bring on a full team. Additional benefits are detailed in his new article, "Top 8 Advantages of Digital Marketing Outsourcing."

"Small and midsized businesses often have trouble putting the right systems in place to get their digital marketing strategy off the ground," Jandal explains. "The challenges are even greater today, which is leading to increased interest in outsourcing digital marketing processes."

Jandal notes that nearly 60 percent of Chief Marketing Officers have been in their position for three years or less, while a typical marketing manager has five or fewer years of experience on average. The lack of experience and tenure makes it difficult for companies to find and attract qualified talent that can deliver results in-house.

In addition to this, many industries are struggling with rising costs due to inflation, which makes setting marketing budgets and hiring internal teams even more difficult. By outsourcing, Jandal contends, businesses can make their marketing investments go further and improve ROI too.

"Companies often feel tempted to cut their marketing budgets in lean times," explains Jandal. "However, cutbacks can stop business growth and cause declines in business environments like we have today."

Jandal says that outsourcing digital marketing can deliver the best of all worlds by bringing in talent and cost savings but cautions that outsourcing isn't always the best choice. He advises his clients to evaluate each marketing role and develop a hybrid approach that keeps certain positions in-house, especially when company culture and insider knowledge are required.

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