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Everybody’s favorite popular betting software provider, Premier Per Head, is back with an innovative new price per head tool that will revolutionize the world of online sports betting! With the Super Bowl coming up on Feb. 3, betting season is arriving in full swing. Nearly 5 billion dollars was wagered on last year’s Super Bowl, and with PremierPerHead, it’s now easier to get a piece of that pie through their pay per head sportsbook.

Nothing says cool and comfortable like kicking back, watching the game, and seeing client bets roll in – and Premier is offering an even more convenient way to manage bookie sites than ever before through their mobile platform.

Premier offers a mobile-friendly website that is absolutely crucial to operating an enterprise, now that the busy holiday season is over. There’s no longer any need to sit at home and hunched over a computer when business owners now have the power to run their operation in the palm of their own hand.

The Super Bowl is a stone’s throw away and is the single most bet on sporting event in the entire world. Premier’s mobile site functions as smoothly and seamlessly as its desktop counterpart, allowing anybody who utilizes the software programs to take bets for the biggest day in sports. The handy accessibility of Premier’s mobile PPH service simply can’t be beat.

This accessibility allows owners to take bets in real time from all corners of the globe. Think of it almost like betting insurance. Bookmakers never have to miss out on collecting bets due to not being at their office, suffering a power outage, or any other circumstances. Our pay per head service menu includes real-time wagering, player activity monitoring, 24/7 open customer service lines, a private messaging system, and much more. With these tools, managing a PPH betting site can be done from the comfort of any man-cave, in-laws’ house, or even at the stadium.

To celebrate the New Year, and as an extra bonus, Premier offers a four-week pay per head free trial of their exemplary Sharp Line software with the first deposit if bookies sign up before the Super Bowl on Feb. 3. Any bookies seeking to take full advantage of the lucrative event, should visit their site now and learn more about their mobile apps.

Source: Premier Per Head

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