A History of Sports Betting: How Pay per Head Sportsbooks Are Changing the Industry

Pay Per Head, PPH Sportsbook

Premier Per Head, an industry leading Pay Per Head betting software provider, is helping reshape the way we view, and use, online high-end betting tools. From street corners to the pages of online betting websites, sports gambling has taken an interesting route through the annals of history. Here’s how one company fits into the picture, and what their services mean for the future landscape of online gambling.

Sports betting is thousands of years old. Ancient Romans were trying their luck on chariot races before there were options like Football, Baseball, or Basketball. It was only permitted in the city of Rome at specially designated areas, and oftentimes bets could only be placed at the racing event, itself. This, of course, set the stage for modern horse race betting, and eventually other sports, where similar regulatory guides exist to better control the flow of money and to prevent any possible criminal activity from cropping up.

As betting practices became more and more popular, the idea of how to reach bookmakers started evolving; that’s where the idea of Pay Per Head software began. Bettors who lived hundreds of miles away couldn’t reach their bookies in order to lay wagers; it was clear that accessibility was an issue for an industry that, at the time, wasn’t growing. Currently, there are numerous providers of this online bookie software, but Premier Per Head has been able to further elevate it.  

Their PPH sportsbook software gives bookies a wide selection of reporting options, including the ability to provide live in-game wagering, monitor their players’ activity, send them private messages, adjust lines and odds, and limit player movement. But, the difference with Premier is their customer support system. Betting software for bookies made their businesses run smoother, but it still didn’t matter if agents weren’t around to answer questions about their lines, odds, or the events made available to their players. Premier gets around that problem by offering access to a fully-staffed, 24/7 call center where bettors can get expert advice on betting, or receive technical assistance when interacting with the software.

Since it’s offered as part of their software package, Premier has simultaneously provided a turnkey solution to seamlessly integrate into bookie businesses, while also solving the issue of accessibility. Now, a bookie’s players can simply rely on their call center to answer any questions they’d have, instead of having to reach out to their bookie. From a bookmaker’s perspective, it’s outsourcing day-to-day operations. It’s all mobile friendly too, meaning gambling-on-the-go with any sporting event is also available.

Sign-up with their software today, and they’ll provide 4 weeks free. Considered one of the best Pay Per Head bookie service providers, Premier wants to see bookies grow into their full potential.

Source: Premier Per Head