Premier Per Head's Bookie Software Continues to Revolutionize the Betting Industry

Bookie Software

​​Premier Per Head’s bookie software has revolutionized the way bookies and bettors alike place their wagers and operate their day-to-day activities. From business-grade organizations to casual bookmakers, Premier Per Head does it all. With tons of fantastic features, Premier’s betting software isn’t just easy to use, but is also the most reliable option for bookmakers.

What’s Included

Premier Per Head’s software functions as a refined, mobile-friendly sportsbook. This mobile platform gives bookies and their players more incentive to play, because there’s access to every game and race and thus more opportunity to win bets, regardless of where they are in the world. There’s always a piece of the action ready to be taken whether a player is at home, in the office, or even using the restroom. All traditional forms of betting are allowed from money lines, point spreads, halftime betting, and more. Bookmakers who use Premier’s PPH sportsbook sleep soundly at night knowing that their players have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How It Works

Bookies use a pay per head service to consolidate their clients, provide betting odds, access extensive reporting, view player performance, and track account balances, among other services. Style meets functionality because every bookie and player will be able to create and customize his or her user dashboard for even easier access to casinos, horses, and sports. These services also save bookmakers tens of thousands of dollars annually in development costs from preventing them from having to digitize their books.

Special Features

Premier Per Head’s pay per head software has become renowned for having the fastest and sharpest lines in the industry. Some of the other incredible features include and are not limited to:

  • Moving lines and changing offerings

  • Sharp monitoring

  • Mobile-friendly platform and wagering menu

  • No-percentage casinos

  • Phone wagering

  • Custom racebook

  • 24/7, American-based customer service hotlines

  • Live betting for every game

  • All starting at one low price!

Sign Up Today

New users can currently receive a free four-week trial as a gift for registering. Not only is Premier Per Head’s software easy to use; its website has become more user-friendly in order to provide a pristine betting experience to many more people. See why Premier Per Head is the best of all bookie websites and start taking bets in no time with the best American pay per head service in the industry.

Source: Premier Per Head