Powerwallet Plus to Showcase Revolutionary FinTech & InsurTech Integration at InsureTech Connect 2016

In a bold move, the team behind the PowerWallet Plus personal financial management (PFM) product has announced it will be attending the InsureTech Connect conference this week to revolutionize the perception of FinTech in the InsurTech industry. Held from October 5-6th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the conference offers unparalleled access to the largest and most comprehensive gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors, builders, and forward thinking carriers. The conference boasts more than 175 innovators in the insurance industry set to take the stage.

The FinTech revolution is rapidly gaining notoriety in corporate culture – something that insurance companies are all too aware of. However, a staggering 74% of them see FinTech as “disruptive innovation”, a challenge to their working practices. The revolutionary concept of the PowerWallet Plus PFM is set to change this, through its collaboration of FinTech software to achieve and exceed goals, expectations and opportunities in the InsurTech realm.

This comes after some careful rebranding earlier this year, where PowerWallet Plus put InsurTech at the heart of its strategy. The team fully recognizes the importance of using FinTech concepts to address challenges and opportunities in the InsurTech domain, and those attending the InsureTech conference will be able to meet the team and experience first-hand the passion and ingenuity that went into developing the platform. FinTech will no longer be seen as the enemy, but the ally all providers need to become front-runners in the new insurance era.

PowerWallet Plus’s focus has also shifted onto the millennials – a sub-segment recognized as highly influential and a huge source of opportunity for tech-savvy insurance providers. Their high dependence on social and technological trends makes them a tricky demographic to navigate – something which an increasing number of insurance providers have come to realize.

This is one of the core reasons behind the success of the InsureTech Connect conference, which is dedicated to helping insurance providers succeed and make sense of these constant shifts in consumer behavior. And PowerWallet Plus has stayed ahead of the game in this regard, by focusing on the modern day consumer. More and more insurance companies nationwide have adopted the white label PFM and integrated it into their business models to see continued – and even increased – success in the InsurTech space.

The team is excited to use its PFM product to contribute to the success of the InsurTech domain this year. “Many believe insurance is on the brink of a major disruption, yet only a small number of insurance companies are making InsurTech a priority. We are changing that,” says Cris Frankel, CEO of PowerWallet Plus. “For this reason, we are excited to attend InsureTech Connect 2016. As a rapidly advancing FinTech company, we look forward to being a part of the impending revolution in this industry.”

PowerWallet Plus is now offering new customers an opportunity to try the product for free. All qualified and approved companies will be provided with a branded, white label personal financial management site – all at no cost for the first 30 days. To find out more about this, you can schedule a free demo here to learn more about the product and how to effectively integrate it into your business.

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Cris Frankel, cfrankel@powerwalletplus.com

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