'PowerWallet Plus' Launches Innovative B2B White-Label Personal Financial Management Platform

​​The team of tech-savvy entrepreneurs behind the South Florida-based PowerWallet Plus brand has developed an innovative White-Label Personal Financial Management (PFM) solution, solidifying its stance as an advocate of financial wellness. This platform has been brought to market by a group of industry professionals with more than 40 years combined experience in the financial services industry. It was designed with the sole purpose of providing a proactive approach to financial wellness for employees, customers and organization members.

The PowerWallet Plus team is best known for its original development of the highly successful PowerWallet solution for B2C deployment in 2011. Because of this success, the group realized a need in the marketplace for a progressive PFM white-label B2B version, to address the needs of businesses wanting their own PFM platform - but lacking the time or resources to develop it.

Seeing as 81% of workers claim financial problems have impacted their productivity levels, with another 40% saying they want help in achieving financial security, the benefits brought to employees, customers and organization members through this platform are second-to-none. This white-label PFM opportunity contributes to overall financial wellness and: reduced absenteeism, increased retention and loyalty, cross-marketing opportunities, bundled services, data aggregation and reporting, reduced financial employee stress, reduction in presenteeism – and provides many other benefits and value-adds for companies, consultants and employers alike.

This multi-faceted platform has been developed to cater to businesses, consultants, HR/membership directors, and employers. And as more and more progressive companies are getting interested in providing bundled solutions for customers, this white-label solution offers additional revenue streams as part of a bundled service package to add to existing product offerings.

Those involved in the development of the PowerWallet Plus platform are excited about the benefits this innovative platform can bring to the market:

 “As a fintech company, our proven, trusted white label Personal Financial Management (PFM) solution, gives businesses and organizations instant engagement with their employees, customers or members,” said Cris Frankel, President of PowerWalletPlus.com,  “We’re excited to bring an innovative,  affordable White Label PFM to market, that can quickly and easily be launched as a standalone product or easily integrated into a company’s existing site, allowing users to manage all of their finances from a single location.”

Those interested in signing up for a free 10-minute demo of the PowerWallet Plus platform can do so here: https://www.powerwalletplus.com/contact.html. You can also sign up for our free report to learn more about the benefits of the platform here.


Media Contact: Cris Frankel, President

Tel: 954-377-9468

Email: cfrankel@powerwalletplus.com

Web: www.powerwalletplus.com

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