PowerWallet Plus Forms New Strategic Alliance With Global Client Solutions

PowerWallet Plus Announces Alliance With Global Client Solutions

​PowerWallet Plus, a south Florida-based fintech company, has announced a new strategic alliance as part of their quest to improve financial wellness for clients enrolled in debt settlement and certain student loan programs. The company has recently signed to become an approved vendor with Global Client Solutions, creating a convenient way for debt settlement companies and some student loan companies to help their clients to better manage their personal finances. The addition of the PowerWallet Plus Personal Financial Management (PFM) Platform to their list of services allows users to connect to over 14,000 financial institutions, giving them a holistic view of their assets, liabilities, cash flow, goals and budgets. In addition to the online PFM, consumers can further their financial education through a multitude of videos, publications and online resources. Subjects include money management tips, budgeting techniques, student loan strategies, identity protection, retirement planning, repairing and rebuilding your credit…and much more.

The PowerWallet Plus platform is available as a white label solution, and has the ability to be branded for any company. This solution works well for companies, where consumers may purchase it as an option when enrolling in a debt settlement or student loan program. This reinforces why the recent alliance with Global Client Solutions is so critical - as well as being mutually beneficial to both parties as a fntech, financial wellness strategy.

The team behind PowerWallet Plus is excited about this development, as it reinforces the collective goal of providing a proactive approach to personal financial management for the user. “A consumer does not need to be enrolled in a debt settlement program to receive the benefits of the PFM, although many companies offering alternative financial services are seeing the value of adding it to their core product offering,” says Cris Frankel, President of PowerWallet Plus, “Our platform is being used here to accomplish their goal of helping their clients and customers manage their finances with as little stress as possible. Many companies also see our solution as a huge support to their company, positioning them as an enabler and advocate of financial wellness.”

In recent studies by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, reports show ample evidence of the impact of financial stress on worker morale, retention and overall productivity. For example, in 2012, one in five employees admitted they had skipped work in the past year to deal with a financial problem. Among workers now in their 30’s and 40’s – a critical cohort of the American workforce – stress levels are even higher. 29% of Generation X workers say their personal finances distract them at work, and 53% find it stressful to deal with their personal finances. Across workers of all generations, 24% admit their personal finances have been a distraction at work. Given the high levels of self-reported distress, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that 40% of employees say they want help in achieving financial security.1

And now, as a result of PowerWallet Plus’ new alliance, the aforementioned niche companies now have the advantage of receiving payment for the PFM service from their clients directly through the Global Client Solutions dedicated account savings solution. The settlement or student loan company experiences an additional competitive advantage by doing this, as PFM users, having set up their accounts, budgets and goals within the platform, will have less incentive to defect to a competitor for further financial needs. Furthermore, provision of the PowerWallet Plus white label solution overcomes prominent barriers concerning the knowledge, cost and time intensity involved with developing such a platform within a business. It is a time- and money-saving solution. And such a strategic alliance with Global Client Solutions opens the doors for a whole host of other alternative financial service companies to follow their lead and reap the same benefits of implementing the revolutionary PFM within their company.

For more information on the PowerWallet Plus PFM, schedule your free demo HERE to learn the benefits of implementing a 100% safe, secure and reliable financial wellness solution into your business model - white-labelled and branded for your company.

Being an approved vendor with Global Client Solutions should not be, nor is it implied as, an endorsement by either company for use of our product.


1 http://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/201408_cfpb_report_financial-wellness-at-work.pdf

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