POV Technology Can Turn Tim Tebow Into An NFL QB

The POV Sport, developed by Jay Schroeder and Dennis Thompson, is an FDA Approved sports performance device and system that can train an athlete to create neurological muscle memory and in the process develop the perfect form for their sport. A syste

When Mark McClure, Director of Expansion for the ARP Wave and POV System, and Managing partner of Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab in Addison, Texas heard that coaches and trainers continued to fail in their quest to correct Tim Tebow's form, he had to speak up.

"There is absolutely no reason Tim Tebow's form cannot be corrected and the POV Sport is the tool that can do it. The POV, developed by Jay Schroeder and Dennis Thompson, can train an athlete to create neurological perfect form by simply sending the correct signals to the appropriate muscles. In Tim's case, a QB coach would attach the electrodes to the appropriate parts of the body required to perform the throw as part of the protocol. From there, he would take Tim through one throw over a 5 minute period, which Jay has termed Extreme Slow. What would happen is that as the QB coach is correcting Tim's flaws in Extreme Slow, the signals being sent from the POV to the muscles are neurologically simulating this throw 300 times. So while Tim would be conducting only one Extreme Slow throw over 5 minutes, the appropriate muscles think it is occurring 300 times, and in doing so are creating the muscle memory of the form the QB coach is inputting, thus creating perfect form, " McClure stated.

The POV Sport is currently used by numerous top NFL Players as an elite training device, but the real value of the of the system comes from the protocols developed by Schroeder and Thompson. "The POV Sport is a patented tool with proprietary protocols that train athletes neurologically to perform tasks physiologically they could never achieve on their own using conventional methods. There is a reason the world's top pro athletes trust their multi-million careers to the POV Sport and ARP Wave System's, because they work", said McClure.

When asked how long it would take for the POV Sport to fully correct Tebow's form McClure had this to say;

"During the 5 minute Extreme Slow throwing motion, Tebow's flaws will obviously be exposed and during this slow movement, the coach can make all the necessary corrections and the muscles will neurologically begin to accept this as the new pattern. Based on my experience in dealing with hitters in baseball, I saw results after the first session. In Tebow's situation, worse case, buy his 30th session he will be unstoppable, and have throwing form on par with the best of the best as long as his QB coach knows what he is doing. This tool will make him a true NFL QB with perfect form. What Jay Schroeder and Dennis Thompson have created is pure genius, and will shape the landscape of sports for years to come", McClure ended.

The ARP Wave and POV Systems are currently used by more than 500 NFL Players in addition to more than 250 NBA, 100 MLB, 250 NHL and 500 European soccer players on a global scale.