Has Dallas Based Clinic Eliminated The Need For Tommy John Surgery?

She may come from the land of soccer, but Argentine transplant Paula Wallem has become a force in eliminating the need for Tommy John surgery and getting those who had the surgery back 80% faster than traditional therapy. Is she the "cure all" to thi

Everywhere you turn there seems to be a story of another pitcher going under the knife for the season ending procedure Tommy John surgery or in medical terms known as Ulner Collateral Ligament Reconstruction. It has taken on epidemic proportions from youth baseball all the way to the Major Leagues with very little non-surgical options available. Until now. Paula Wallem, head therapist and co-managing partner of Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab (http://peakperformanceandrehab.com/avoid-tommy-john-surgery/ ) has successfully rehabbed 14 players slated for the Tommy John surgery, getting all of them back on the field in under 4 weeks (in some cases 10 days!) stronger and faster than they were before the diagnosis. So how did she do it and is this the cure all that baseball players, agents, coaches and parents have been looking for?

"First and foremost the success lies in the patented ARP Wave System and the proprietary protocols that founders Denis Thompson and Jay Schroeder designed. These two individuals should be nominated for the Noble Peace Prize for medicine due to what they have developed. I have simply taken what they developed, mastered it and by design or by luck have been inundated with Tommy John cases over the past several months and the results have been nothing short of astounding. There is no better feeling in the world than taking a player slated for the surgery, treating him and having him come back faster and stronger than before the diagnosis and more importantly, saving his season and in some cases his career. It's been rewarding to say the least", Wallem stated.

To say baseball was not in her blood would be an understatement. Growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then coming to the U.S. after the financial crisis hit in her country, soccer was all she knew and the only thing she knew about American baseball was that they had a team called The New York Yankees. But after she got married to her husband, Mark McClure, co-Managing partner in the 5 clinics that they now own (www.PeakPerformanceAndRehab.com) and North America Sales Director for The ARP Wave, she fell in love with the technology and quickly mastered the protocols and treatments, becoming the "go to" therapist for numerous NFL players and top high school, college and professional athletes on a global scale. Mastering how to eliminate the need for Tommy John surgery, however, has now put her on the map and slowly making her the "go to" option for avoiding the surgery all together.

Paula Wallem's Success in Eliminating The Need For Tommy John Surgery

"What athletes, parents and coaches need to understand is where you are feeling pain or are injured is where it has ended up. Where it's coming from is a different story all together and where the treatment should be focused. You see, somewhere a muscle or muscles are not absorbing force and this arises from a neurological disconnect, which means that the signal being sent by the brain for that muscle to turn on fast enough to absorb force is not getting through, and this is due to sodium potassium leakage or in layman terms better known as scar tissue. When this occurs that force is sent to areas of the body not meant to absorb force, hence causing ACL and MCL tears, damage to the ulner collateral ligament, and many other season ending injuries. With the ARP Wave system and proprietary protocols, we are able to locate this neurological disconnect, get those muscles firing properly again, transfer the force away from the injured tissue to the muscle and in the process vastly accelerate healing. No other form of therapy can do this. Not Ultrasound, not laser, not physical therapy or rest, ice, compression or elevation. None of those treatments can diagnose and pinpoint where this disconnect is coming from and none of them can break the compensatory actions that caused the problem in the first place. The cause of Tommy John is a neurological function NOT a physical function and needs to be treated as such. The ARP Wave is the only tool capable of treating Tommy John from a neurological standpoint and thus the reason we have had huge success treating and eliminating the need for Tommy John surgery and a reason the world's most elite professional athletes trust their multi-million careers to our system of rehab, "Wallem added.

But Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab (www.PeakPerformanceAndRehab.com) has not only become the go to clinic for the elimination of the need for Tommy John surgery, they have become a catalyst is getting players back from surgery 60-80% faster than traditional therapy.

"While we are having some great success in eliminating the need for Tommy John surgery there is obviously a need for it some cases, when the tear is so severe surgery is warranted. Post-surgery, however, they can still come to us and go into our 7-9 week program. During these 7-9 weeks, they will be sleeping with the ARP Wave for 8 hours a night and doing one hour of therapy a day, which comes out to 8 to 9 hours of therapy a day as opposed to 3 hours a week with traditional therapy. On the ARP device their muscles will be contracting at 500X per second neurologically, flushing blood to the repaired tissue while neurologically strengthening them at a rapid pace. By week 7 they will have full range of motion, zero pain and will be able to get back on the mound or field and begin normal activities, and in most cases throwing with more velocity. So while we can eliminate the need for Tommy John, we are also a great post-surgery tool that can vastly accelerate the process in getting them back stronger and faster than traditional therapy," Wallem added.

While Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab has locations in Addison, TX, Allen, TX, Highland Park, TX, Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA and will be opening a new location this month in Campbell, CA right outside of San Jose, CA, a large majority of their patients are treated via SKYPE.

Online Treatment Via SKYPE

"Since a lot of players cannot make the trip to one of our clinic locations we are able to ship them out an ARP Wave device directly and then treat them via SKYPE. We have numerous players in the NFL we are working this way with currently as they cannot leave their camps, and this has proven highly effective in treating our Tommy John cases. This also allows them to sleep with the device and do more advanced treatment protocols than they otherwise wouldn't be able to do in person. However, having Paula Wallem treat you in person, on site…well, you can't get better than that. We have people willing to fly 2,500 miles to get treated by Paula directly and you know what, if it is the difference between getting back on the field in 2 weeks as opposed to 10 months to a year, that's time and money well spent", stated Mark McClure.

The Bottom Line

The ARP Wave System has been around close to 15 years, has treated more than 90,000 patients with a better than 95% track record of success in taking a patient from symptomatic to asymptomatic, and now includes more than 2,000 of the world's most elite professional athletes as clients and growing every day.

"There is no other tool like it in existence that can diagnose where your injury is coming from, treat it and then break the neurological compensation pattern that caused it in the first place. None. It's called Accelerated Recovery Protocols (ARP) for a reason. What takes normal physical rehab 6, 8, 12 weeks or even a year to help an athlete recover from an injury we can literally do in 8-14 days in most cases. We treat the origin of the problem while everyone else is wasting their time treating the symptom. Is this the "cure all" for eliminating the need for Tommy John surgery? I don't want to call it a cure, because the ARP Wave doesn't cure anything. Is this the tool that is going to replace the need for Tommy John surgery and save players seasons and careers? Absolutely. We are seeing it every day and look forward to extending the careers of players for years to come," McClure ended.

For more information on Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab's Tommy John Surgery Elimination Program, go to http://peakperformanceandrehab.com/avoid-tommy-john-surgery/ or call 972-764-5115.