Mark McClure, ARP Wave and Huebner Join Forces in San Antonio

The ARP Wave System, a patented neurological sports rehab program used by the world's most elite professional athletes in getting them back from injury 80% faster than traditional rehab, is finally coming to San Antonio, TX.

Mark McClure, Managing Partner of Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab, which owns 5 ARP Wave Clinics in Texas, Illinois and California, and is also in charge of expansion of the ARP Wave System into the medical community, is pleased to announce that Huebner Chiropractic in San Antonio is a new licensee of the patented rehab technology.

The ARP Wave System is the only technology of its kind that can actually pinpoint where pain and injury is originating from, than eliminate the cause of this pain or injury literally 60-80% faster than traditional treatment. This success has created an immense client base of patients that is now closing in on 100,000, and includes more than 2,000 of the world's most elite professional athletes. There is currently no other form of rehab in existence that can neurologically rehabilitate a patient from pain this quickly and boasts a better than 95% track record in patient satisfaction. Huebner Chiropractic is now the latest in Texas to bring this into their clinic as part of their therapy.

"After close to 15 years, nearing 100,000 patients with a more than 95% track record of success in eliminating pain and injury, ARP Wave made the decision to take this patented technology and proprietary protocols and "partner" with the medical community. License this technology if you will with the goal of helping more people. As part of their expansion team one of the states I have been focused on is Texas and San Antonio is a market we wanted to get into as quickly as possible, but with the right medical partner. We have found that in Dr. Shirley Early and Huebner Chiropractic and are excited to help them grow this as far as they want to take it", stated Mark McClure, ARP Wave expansion rep.

"At the clinics myself and Paula Wallem run in North Dallas, we have seen an explosion in baseball players wanting to avoid Tommy John Surgery or arm surgery in general and with the ARP Wave we have successfully eliminated the need for Tommy John Surgery in 10 cases thus far in the past 6 months. In addition, we have gotten high school, collegiate and NFL Players back from injury in 1/10th the time as traditional rehab, stronger and faster than they were before the injury, so that has really helped our clinics explode. Huebner will bring that same technology here to San Antonio, saving players seasons and in some cases careers. But it's not just sports. The ARP Wave System helps everyday people eliminate chronic pain, whether its back, hip, shoulder, knee, you name it. This virtually eliminates the need for Laser or Ultrasound", McClure ended.

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