Polder Launches Detachable Probe Instant-Read Thermometer

Polder Products offers the first detachable probe instant-read cooking thermometer, for dishwasher-safe cleaning and easy replacement when needed.

Polder Smart Probe BBQ Thermometer

Polder Products, LLC, has launched a category-first detachable-probe instant-read cooking thermometer. The Smart Probe offers users an innovative solution to getting fast, accurate results at the grill or oven, as well as for clean-up afterward. After use, the waterproof probe detaches from the main unit and goes into the dishwasher for cleaning between uses.

The current market for instant-read thermometers consists of products with fixed temperature probes. This can become an issue at clean-up time as users need to wash the probe under the sink faucet, potentially getting the product wet. Getting water on or in the thermometer housing can affect both reading accuracy as well as functionality. Users are forced to discard the entire unit and get a replacement. This adds up to a large waste in plastics, componentry, and dollars. The Smart Probe changes that and allows a fix using an inexpensive replacement probe.

Kerry Cooper, Executive Vice President at Polder, states, "Polder's Smart Probe is the latest example of our commitment to making the most innovative, high-quality thermometers in the category." He further states, "It was designed to answer the needs of serious cooks: from fast, accurate results on the grill to cleaning after use."

The Smart Probe instant-read thermometer features a category-first, patent-pending detachable probe that offers:

  • Ease of Use - The probe comes on and off by simply twisting the removable probe tip.
  • Effortless Cleaning - Users can remove the probe after use and place it in the dishwasher for cleaning. It is IPX7 waterproof and dishwasher safe.
  • Replaceability - If the probe is exposed to flame on the grill or fails for any other reason, users can simply purchase a replacement probe instead of having to purchase a new thermometer, which is the current industry standard.

The product also includes a rich feature set that gives experienced and novice cooks the best of what the category offers, including:

  • 10 PRE-SETS + ONE OPEN SETTING - Pre-programmed settings for meat and doneness, based on USDA guidelines and an open setting for users who know what temperature they want to achieve.
  • TORCH LIGHT AND BACKLIT DISPLAY- For cooking at dusk to see food better as you sample temperatures.
  • 10"-LONG PROBE - Extra-long probe length to keep hands away from the heat of the grill or oven when sampling. The probe rotates a full 180 degrees to allow for easy reading angles.

Polder's Smart Probe Thermometer is available now on polder.com and at better retailers shortly.

Smart Probe Instant-Read Thermometer

Model: THM-590-95

SRP: $49.99

Available: Now on polder.com

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Source: Polder Products