PlanetTogether Adds High-Octane Fuel to Its APS Engine

Celero|Optima thoughtware supercharges APS software to drive free cash flow

​​PlanetTogether, a global leader in supply chain scheduling and planning software, today announced that it has entered into a national strategic alliance with Celero|Optima, a management consulting firm specializing in production and supply chain synchronization for complex manufacturers, with the goal of serving as a replacement solution for existing SAP clients who are transitioning from APO.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, PlanetTogether offers a streamlined transition for manufacturing facilities who previously used SAP’s APO program for variability control in planning.   A best-of-breed solution, PlanetTogether software can be seamlessly integrated to the existing SAP infrastructure and offers marked system improvements in weeks, translating to millions in positive cash flow impact. This partnership will provide complex manufacturing enterprises with access to a scalable, flexible SCM system that fits their unique needs, along with the consulting services, or thoughtware, needed to maximize the software’s impact.

According to Jim Cerra, PlanetTogether Co-Founder & CEO, “The Celero|Optima partnership will bring our customers an extra measure of manufacturing and supply chain knowledge that will help them attain and sustain unprecedented levels of operational excellence, if not a market leadership position.“

For over twelve years, PlanetTogether scheduling software has enabled its customers to proactively optimize their shop floor production schedules to improve delivery and profit performance.  PlanetTogether software is supporting complex manufacturing companies, globally, in a broad array of industries, including process as well as discrete environments, using fulfillment strategies from engineer-to-order to make-to-stock.  

Located in Superior, Colorado, Celero|Optima specializes in helping complex manufacturers achieve high performance manufacturing and on-time delivery, improve their overall operational performance, and generate higher profit through a synchronized material flow approach called Controlled Material Release (CMR).  With Celero’s experience in large enterprise manufacturing, they are a perfect fit for servicing SAP customers seeking a transition from APO.

Celero|Optima recognizes the PlanetTogether software as the leading capacity planning and production scheduling engine”, says Celero|Optima’s founder, Michel Babineau.  “With our supply chain insights, PlanetTogether customers will now have the unique ability to use PlanetTogether software and our consulting insights and services as a continuous improvement framework for creating positive and persistent economic value added”.

Thanks to Celero|Optima’s expertise and reach, experiencing the full advantage of PlanetTogether’s remarkable software will now be available to much larger and global manufacturing enterprises.  Further,with the addition of the Celero|Optima relationship and coincidental sunsetting of APO, PlanetTogether and its partners are now among the largest groups of APS software experts in the United States.

“We are extremely excited about this new alliance,” said Jim Cerra, PlanetTogether co-founder and CEO. “Not only is Celero|Optima located in key growth markets, but the entire management team is dedicated to the success of this relationship. They bring 30 years of industry knowledge to the table and we are thrilled about welcoming their unique and proven expertise.”

This partnership falls on the heels of PlanetTogether’s recent expansion to Latin America, announced earlier this year, along with their expansion into the food and beverage industry, and places the company in a strong growth position.

About PlanetTogether

PlanetTogether makes it easier to manage your orders, capacity and inventory. With PlanetTogether’s top-rated planning and scheduling software, multi-plant manufacturers are able to improve on-time delivery, shop floor productivity, inventory turns, planner productivity and visibility by at least 50%.  Since its founding in 2004, PlanetTogether has retained its laser focus on solving manufacturing planning and scheduling challenges with its Advanced Planning, Scheduling & Analytics software platform and related support services.  For more information, please visit

About Celero|Optima

Celero|Optima is a professional services firm specializing in helping Complex Manufacturers achieve high performance manufacturing, characterized by high on-time delivery, improved overall operational performance, and after tax net operating profits greater than their cost of capital.  Learn more at


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PlanetTogether makes it easier to manage your orders, capacity and inventory.

Candace Klein
Candace Klein
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