Planet TV Studios Presents the Healing Mission of Dr. Deborah Longwill of the Miami Center for Dermatology

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Dr. Deborah Longwill

Dr. Deborah Longwill adds new definition to the word “service” after devoting herself to the South Florida community for more than 25 years.  

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Longwill completed her medical degree from the Southeastern University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine. Her clinic in Miami, Florida, provides a wide variety of services for those with persistent skin issues or perceived flaws. Her medical expertise includes numerous treatments, ranging from topical medications, laser treatments and cosmetic procedures to skin nutritive facials and more. 

However, Dr. Longwill’s medical knowledge is not by any means her only contribution to her field. Dr. Longwill and her board-certified staff take the time to enact a dialogue with their patients to decide upon a customized approach which best meets the needs of the individual. Where more non-invasive therapies are available to help her patients achieve their health goals, Dr. Longwill provides recommendations in an effort to collaborate with her patients on a holistic approach to skin care.     

Dr. Longwill has dedicated a significant portion of her career to the education of the medical community, nursing professionals and even high school students in South Florida. 

The thoughtful and compassionate approach of one doctor alone only lasts for the lifetime of the one doctor. Dr. Longwill has a more long-term vision for the generations to come and devotes much of her time mentoring physician assistants, nurse practitioners, medical residents and students in high school. These individuals are provided with exposure to the thought process of interacting with different personality types, the individual reservations and fears of patients, etc. Even the students with the highest grades who demonstrate their mastery of knowledge cannot be assessed for bedside manner, compassion and customized care through standardized testing. Dr. Longwill is passing on healing skills and techniques as her part in offering more to the next generation of practitioners and patients alike. For more information about Dr. Longwill's center, please go to or call (305) 279.7546.

Dr. Longwill dedicates even more of her time to numerous causes within the community, extending her service above and beyond her professional field of expertise.  

A sample of the organizations who receive her time and assistance include Palmetto Senior High School, the Pinecrest Senior Health Fair, Miami Rescue Mission, Shalva Children’s Center, Chai Lifeline (Women’s Wellness), The Woman’s Cancer Association of Miami and several more.  

Planet TV shares with viewers the targeted healthcare and in-depth understanding Dr. Longwill has for the safety and skin concerns of Miami, Florida, workers and residents. 

Dr. Longwill has a keen understanding for the residents and workers who love the sunlit state of Florida yet also live with the fear of their lifestyle’s susceptibility to skin cancer. Dr. Longwill’s advice has been sought out by several publications: She is quoted by Organic Spa as having said, “I believe skin cancer speaks for itself. People are definitely more aware than in the past but we just have to keep talking, telling and educating.” 

Tune in to learn more about Dr. Longwill’s hard-earned advice about what people can do at any stage of life to protect against serious skin illnesses and various flaws.  

Planet TV Studios produces cutting-edge, real-life, television series that feature insightful, meaningful updates on the most important business, medical and social responsible topics currently taking place in the areas most important to our lives. Planet TV Studios is a leading content creation company successful in films, television, documentaries, commercials, infomercials, music and docudramas. 

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Planet TV Studios produces cutting edge, real life, television series that features insightful, meaningful updates on the most important business, medical and social responsible topics currently taking place in the areas most important to our lives.