Planet TV Releases 'New Frontiers in Sports Medicine' Episode Restoring Hope for Active Patients

Planet TV highlights the cutting-edge innovations of Dr. Darryl Thomas in the field of restorative sports medicine.

Dr. Thomas' Direct Orthopedic Care (DOC) organization

Athletes and patients with active lifestyles hope to avoid injury which would prohibit them from doing what they love most; Dr. Darryl Thomas is opening his own practice to help these patients stay in the game.   

Hosted by the Direct Orthopedic Care (DOC) organization, Dr. Darryl Thomas launched his own orthopedic practice in the heart of Austin, Texas, during the spring of 2018. He brings to his new practice his six years of experience with working for All-Star Orthopedics of Austin and his five years serving the Scott & White Healthcare organization. During this time, Dr. Thomas earned the honorific as one of “Austin Monthly’s Top Doctors” for three years. He is among the few orthopedic surgeons to complete a fellowship as well as earn a Certificate of Additional Qualification (CAQ) in orthopedic sports medicine from the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery (ABOS).

Among Dr. Thomas’ restorative orthopedic skills, he is highly experienced in arthroscopic surgery, cartilage restoration, joint preservation and stem cell therapy.

Dr. Thomas offers his patients the most advanced techniques and treatments to heal athletic injuries, fractures and joint trauma regardless of age. His scope of practice ranges widely between non-operative and minimally invasive surgical treatments in order to preserve or, in some cases, improve joint health. His new practice will offer patients the latest in biologic therapies where the body’s blood or stem cells are key contributors to repair or improve joint tissues. The most recent advancements in these therapies sometimes avoid the need for surgery.

The New Frontier series highlights Dr. Thomas as he strives to help his patients return to pre-injury levels of activity.

Dr. Thomas’ wide range of skills help to customize treatments to each individual injury, in turn promoting the optimal restoration environment. In cases where a patient is suffering from severe arthritis, biological and injection therapies may not prove effective, therefore, Dr. Thomas specializes in the most up-to-date robotic practices. Dr. Thomas’ extensive training fosters his precision and care in the placement of a robotic knee to promote longevity and optimal mobility.

Anyone ready to experience a new level of sports medicine and orthopedic care can visit Dr. Thomas at his new practice with Direct Orthopedic Care. Call DOC for an appointment today at 512-599-9510 or check Dr. Thomas out online at

For his expertise and innovative skill set, Dr. Thomas is in high demand as an educator in his medical fields of athletic injury, joint reconstruction and sports medicine. He serves as a team physician and orthopedic consultant to local Austin high schools and universities. During his time serving with the U.S. Army, Dr. Thomas worked as the head orthopedic surgeon in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Today, witness his dedication to the well-being of his patients in this new episode from the medical series on Planet TV.

New Frontiers is a compelling TV series which explores cutting-edge medical institutions that are shaping our nation's medical field.New Frontiers is a medicalseries in short documentary form to be featured on TV and on-demand TV.

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Planet TV Studios produces cutting edge, real life, television series that features insightful, meaningful updates on the most important business, medical and social responsible topics currently taking place in the areas most important to our lives.