Planet TV Presents Cures for Cancer to Television With New Reality Pilot 'Crushing Cancer' Starring Dr. Javadi From Calabasas California

Planet TV is making it real with the work of one doctor who is ending death sentences and crushing cancer.

Dr. Javadi

With the revolutionary work in cancer treatment of Dr. Nader Javadi, the treatment of cancer will require revision; this pioneer in medical history is succeeding where countless others have failed. 

All too familiar to the screen and reality are the heartbreaking scenarios of families fighting with a loved one to accept treatment, but, the loved one would rather let cancer take over than spend his or her last days on earth writhing in pain from the chemotherapy and radiation treatments recommended.

Dr. Javadi has a more varied approach to treating his cancer patients. Viewers of the new reality TV show will watch this innovative mind at work implementing his “Precision Cancer Medicine” method of assessing each individual case of cancer. His method for identification of appropriate treatment will make every case a whole new experience.

The experience of watching medical shows on television never had this incredible combination of realism and hope. Each new patient will have a different strand of cancer genes to analyze and Dr. Javadi’s plan will adjust for every new combination of genes. When someone with stage 4 cancer is told her chances of survival just increased to 75 percent, viewers will see a real life ultimately saved.

Dr. Javadi would tell you, in his own words, “Fighting cancer is similar to a war, you don’t want to use your ground forces only – you need your air force and navy, too. You can’t expect a good and durable response by using only one standard medication in a patient with advanced stage 4 cancer. Cancer is smarter than you and will overcome and become resistant to it. We need to use multiple medications with a different mechanism of action to put the tumor into shock instantly and decrease the possibility of future resistance and indirectly improve the survival.”

The “Crushing Cancer,” pilot will change the way you experience reality television – you will witness history in the making.

Dr. Javadi is a board certified Hematologist and Oncologist who has dedicated more than 15 years of his life to his groundbreaking work in cancer treatment. A graduate of Internal medicine residency at the Cleveland Clinic, he completed his fellowship in the Hematology/Oncology program at St. Louis University Hospital. He has participated in numerous clinical trials in the field of oncology and founded the Hope Health Center in California. He and his clinic will star in a reality TV pilot which will change the viewers’ investment in learning more about how we are finally winning the fight against cancer for real people.

Planet TV Studios produces cutting-edge, real-life, television series that features insightful, meaningful updates on the most important business, medical and social responsible topics currently taking place in the areas most important to our lives. Planet TV Studios is a leading content creation company successful in films, television, documentaries, commercials, infomercials, music, and docudramas.

Pilot plans to air early 2018 and will be on various on-demand platforms. Planet TV will be contacting other networks to pick up the show.

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