PITNews Magazine Reaches 35,000 Subscribers After Only Five Years Of Publication

PITNews Magazine, which is a premier publication for futures, Forex and stocks news, recently announced that it has reached 35,000 subscribers after only 5 years of publication.

PITNews Magazine is considered one of the best sources for futures Forex and stocks news. Now, the publication is announcing that it has reached a subscriber list 35,000 strong after only five years.

Since May 1998, PITNews magazine has provided monthly analysis, articles and seasonal bias of the futures, Forex and stock markets by leading educators and traders. This puts the magazine at the top of the reading list for many advanced traders and is where many of those traders get their foremost futures, Forex and stocks news.

Some of the premier content provided by the magazine includes Forex education. Here, traders can read such articles as FXCM Daily Education by Walker England, Forex Trading 101 by Gecko Financial Services, Forex vs. Equities by Forex CaPITal Markets and more. Readers of PITNews can also receive Live Forex Charts & Quotes.

For traders of commodity futures, there is fundamental trading and seasonal information, index and currency future news articles, trade recommendations, commodities newsletters, market summaries, market research and analysis and futures education.

Those who trade stocks get to receive Scott Brown's regular stock report.
For those who are not yet subscribed to PITNews magazine, the publication is offering a complimentary subscription service. To receive the free subscription, traders will need to input their email addresses into the appropriate box on the PITNews website.

PITNews magazine is sponsored by Track'N Trade software, which has been the leader of trading innovation since 1998.

The PITNews Magazine website also features several software programs related to the Track'N Trade software brand. For instance, there is the Track'N Trade autopilot plug-in, which allows traders to backtest their favorite indicators or a combination of those indicators on autopilot and allows for updates on-the-fly as traders adjust indicator settings.

There is also Track'N Trade Futures charting software, Forex Live Trading Platform and Stocks Charting software, which allows for real-time charts and quotes related to futures, Forex and stocks trading.

PITNews Magazine may have reached 35,000 subscribers in five years, but the publication doesn't show any signs of slowing down. More subscribers are expected to be added in 2012 and the company hopes for those numbers to double by the middle of the year.

To learn more about PITNews Magazine, visit: http://www.PITNews.com.


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