Pit News Helps Subscribers to Accumulate Real Wealth from Trading One Tic at a Time

The true key to successful trading is being informed about changes in the market. This is why Pit News delivers information and education about the stock market, the Forex market and the Futures market to traders when they need it most...

Pit News is an e-magazine designed to give traders the edge on up-to-date and emerging market information.

Lan Turner, the CEO of Gecko Software and the creator of Pit News e-magazine, is passionate about helping all traders reach their full potential. This is a big part of the reason he's so keen to offer as much information about the markets as possible. He also has a strong focus on offering as much education about trading and the markets so that traders can improve their own strategies.

Pit News offers insightful articles from trading experts, news and information about the stock market, the Forex market and the Futures market, and plenty of tips about how to strengthen any trading strategy. Essentially, the e-magazine is filled with tips for successful trading.

The site is filled with educational articles and sections designed to give greater insight into other markets if a trader isn't already familiar with them. There is also an excellent range of tools and software available, including charting software to assist with market analysis, live forex trading software with real-time charting and an auto-pilot plug-in for the award-winning Track'N Trade software that lets you back test indicators and much more.

The Pit News website also features a community forum, designed to bring together like-minded traders. This is an ideal way to find support and discussions about trading topics and various strategies that have been successful for others.

To sign up for a free subscription to the Pit News e-magazine and receive all the latest information about the stock market, Forex market and Futures market as it happens, please visit: http://www.PitNews.com/


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