PitNews Celebrates 5 Years of Publication and 35,000 Subscribers

PitNews is a leading futures, Forex and stocks eMagazine that took the trading world by storm when it first launched as it offered more information and resources than many of its paid-for counterparts. And this free magazine has been going strong and

Information is the name of the game when it comes to trading futures, Forex or stocks. Without timely news and good market analysis, a trader's life would be much harder, which is why PitNews has been so successful.

PitNews brings together highly experienced market analysts and professional traders to offer their subscribers not only the latest news and analysis, but also invaluable educational resources. This magazine is ideal for new traders and veterans alike, which is why it has become so popular.

For those who are only now getting into trading, PitNews provides extensive educational resources. So, whether one is interested in trading the futures market, stocks or Forex, PitNews covers everything from the basics to advanced trading strategies.

Additionally, there is a reason PitNews is considered the foremost eMagazine on everything Forex, futures and stocks and that's because they constantly have their finger on the pulse of the markets. With highly experienced analysts and traders sharing their views as well as reporting on the latest economic news, PitNews is the only informational resource retail traders need to start making a profit.

And that's not all as PitNews also offers its subscribers a forum where they can interact with the contributors to the eMagazine as well as each other. This is an excellent learning tool for novices as they can get a better understanding of how analysis is conducted as well as a great place for veterans to share their opinions and gain a fresh perspective.

PitNews is sponsored by Gecko Software, a leading creator of tools for traders. Their award-winning Track N' Trade platform as well as their various plug-ins have helped many traders increase their profitability. Since the company is completely dedicated to helping retail traders make a profit, PitNews was an obvious choice.

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