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Project Insight (PI®), a leading project management software company, is excited to announce that their free project management solution, PI#team™, has reached a major milestone of 1,000 accounts this week. That’s one thousand companies that have invested in working better together using PI’s software.

In an effort to empower businesses everywhere, PI introduced PI#team in July 2017, offering teams a simpler way to centralize projects and team communication for free. In less than a year’s time, PI#team has disrupted the way work is managed for hundreds of organizations both nationally and internationally.

PI#team was created on the belief that project management software should be accessible for teams of all sizes and budgets. Early on, CEO Steve West recognized that project management is no longer for just for large corporations alone and the way people work has changed. “Project Management as you know it is dead,” said West. “Technology is constantly changing, which means we have to change the way work is managed too.”

PI#team provides basic project management features to get teams started, including projects, tasks, and collaboration with additionally paid add-ons for more functionality. PI is also the first project management software to offer a freemium version all the way up to an enterprise solution; this way, teams never have to abandon or lose their project data, instead, they can simply upgrade with PI.

PI#team’s growing success can be attributed to the dedication that PI has for innovation and progressive approach to trying new things. In the coming months, PI will continue to be refined and more add-ons will be available including approvals, resource allocation, proposals, and more.

To learn more and sign up for PI#team, visit Project Insight's website.

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