Personal Trainer Turned Wellness Business Owner, Savannah Crayon's Interview With Voyage Mia Magazine

Learn how this personal trainer went from training clients to creating a wellness business and signing a fortune 100 corporation in 6 months.


Voyage Mia, a magazine that features south Florida based business owners recently interviewed Sun Hire Wellness founder, Savannah Crayon. Savannah tells her inspirational story of how fitness changed her life. She goes in-depth on how she left a broken home at the age of 17, struggled with an abusive relationship, turned into a professional bodybuilder, and how she now has her heart set on changing entire corporations and communities with her wellness programs. Within months of starting Sun Hire, Savannah signed a Fortune 100 corporation, and she's not done yet. She has her heart set on changing the lives of as many people as possible through her programs. To read this awe-inspiring interview, click this link.

Online Fitness Programs:

Our programs are designed to give light to those dark, dreary places people like to call the 'gym'. By activating these amenities and instilling a wellness culture, workplaces receive a greater productivity level and associates become excited about going to work, and workplaces begin to thrive.

Savannah Crayon, Founder, Sun Hire Wellness



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Source: Sun Hire Wellness