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Sun Hire's Workplace Wellness programs are gaining recognition throughout south Florida. Designed to influence employees by enhancing productivity, thought leadership and creativity, for employees of small and medium sized businesses, the monthly programs produce outcomes such as:

  • more positive work environment
  • excitement about work
  • sense of purpose at work
  • team building skills
  • healthier, happier employees

Companies who implement workplace wellness programs typically save about $3.27 per dollar spent of wellness programs, as a study by the Harvard Business Journal reports. Employers love Sun Hire's wellness programs because they are easy to implement, cost effective, and employees love the activities.

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Sun Hire is the premier workplace wellness provider for small and medium-sized businesses throughout south Florida. We have 3, cost effective, simple, and easy to implement packages designed to encourage productivity and decrease absenteeism so you can spend more time growing your business. Our monthly packages are based on employee size and include 2 on-premise group fitness activities per month, an educational seminar, access to our online program with daily workouts, fun incentives like wellness awards and Sun Points, and monthly themes and challenges. Sign-up is easy, simply email: -OR- Call: 954-657-8945

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Sun Hire Wellness is a workplace wellness provider for small and medium sized businesses.

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