Personal Injury Lawyer Steve Caya Assists Injured Bicyclists as Wisoncsin Temperatures Rise

Steve Caya, an acclaimed injury lawyer in Wisconsin, is providing professional assistance to those injured in bicycle accidents, at a time when the risk of bicycle accidents with motor vehicles is particularly high.

As temperatures rise in the Wisconsin area, an increasing number of bicyclists adds to the probability of bicycle collisions, and Wisconsin injury lawyer Steve Caya is intent on helping the injured.

A recent research report by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation indicates that bicycle use in the state is highly dependent on climatic change. The report finds a direct correlation between Wisconsin temperatures and bicycle accidents. As temperatures rise, the number of bicyclists on Wisoncin streets will increase, and more crashes will inevitably occur. The month of May has historically been the first month of the year with comfortable temperatures following winter, with an average temperature of 69ºF (compare with an average of 58ºF in April). Consequently, May is one of the months experiencing the highest increase in bicycle use.

Being the first month with comfortable outdoor temperatures, the risk of bicycle accidents with motor vehicles is particularly high in May. Wisconsin law considers bicycles as regular vehicles on roadways, and motorists are required to treat bicyclists just as they treat all other vehicles. Unfortunately, after driving all winter, motorists are generally not used to sharing the road with bicycles, and are often unaware of the rules of the road regarding bikes. Indeed, statistics show that most bicycle accidents in Wisconsin are between a bicycle and a motor vehicle.

Steve Caya, an acclaimed injury lawyer in Wisconsin, knows that according to research, motor vehicle drivers are at fault for the majority of these avoidable accidents. As a motorcycle rider, he is familiar with potential biases and legal difficulties that injured bicyclists can face, as some Wisconsin laws make it difficult for bike riders in court.

Caya is the ideal representative for bicylists injured on the road in Wisconsin. His years of experience have been dedicated specifically to the types of cases that pertain to this type of accident, including:

* Neck, back or spine injuries
* Drunk driving accidents
* Pedestrain accidents
* Motor vehicle accidents
* Motorcycle and bicycle injuries

Steve Caya and his firm regularly obtain successful case results and settlements worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those injured in a bicycle accident will greatly benefit from his advice, regardless of the severity of the injury.

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