Injury Lawyer Steve Caya Assists Motorcyclists Injured in Dangerous Spring Weather

Conditions in spring typically make for a dangerous motorcycle riding experience in Wisconsin, and local injury attorney and motorcycle rider Steve Caya is professionally assisting accident victims to seek compensation.

Those injured in motorcycle accidents due to dangerous spring weather conditions will greatly benefit from the practical experience of Steve Caya, a seasoned Wisconsin injury lawyer and avid motorcyclist. As a motorcycle rider, Steve Caya is aware of the dangers of riding in risky conditions, and often deals with cases stemming from injuries resulting from poor weather conditions.

Wisconsin is filled with natural beauty; from the Mississippi river in the west, to the beautiful rolling hills near the Michigan border, the state is ideal for riders seeking a scenic escape. Consequently, the bitter cold Wisconsin winters make many riders anxious to get on their bike at the first sign of increasing temperatures in the spring. Unfortunately, while temperatures steadily increase in the spring, Wisconsin still precipitates heavily in the warmer seasons. In fact, April is one of Wisconsin's rainiest months.

Additionally, hilly Wisonsin roads are spread with sand for the winter conditions; this sand remains on the roads until it is washed away by strong rainstorms, and poses a risk for motorcycle riders.

While the months of April and May see many bikers hit the road for their first ride of the season, the conditions in spring typically make for a dangerous riding experience. As a result, reports indicate that 2012 was one of the deadliest years for motorcycling in Wisconsin - a statistic which the Department of Transportation attributes to favorable spring weather motivating more riders to get on the road prematurely.

As an injury attorney in Wisconsin, Steve Caya is the ideal representative for those injured in motorcycle accidents this spring. Earlier in his career he had spent twelve years as a partner in a litigation firm representing insurance companies, and his insight on insurance companies provides his clients with a unique advantage. This is especially true for cases of motorcycle injuries, in which insurance companies are notoriously tough to deal with.

Caya's website,, is full of successful case results and settlements, many of which are motorcycle-related. Any motorcyclist who has experience injury this spring will benefit from contacting him regardless of the size of the injury.

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