Janesville Personal Injury Attorney Steve Caya Is Prepared for Looming Injury Cases Following Excessive Summer Rainfalls

Late June and early July have been extremely wet for many parts of the Midwest, resulting in many accidents on the roads in Wisconsin. Local personal injury lawyer Steve Caya has been stepping in to help victims.

Injury lawyer Steve Caya (www.injurylawyerwi.com) is already taking on injury cases resulting from rainstorms and flash floods which occurred in the Midwest this past June.

Late June and early July have been extremely wet for many parts of the Midwest. In fact, the past few months have been some of the wettest in Wisconsin history. In late June, excessive rainfall produced a lot of localized flooding, and flash flood warnings abounded, continuing for several days. Weather.com reported that Madison, WI picked up nearly three inches of rain in three hours on June 26 - about 75 percent of Wisconsin's average June rainfall. Similarly, early July saw a cold front swing through the Badger State to bring another round of showers and storms.

During and after heavy rains there is usually a spike in personal injury statistics. Puddles on roads are particularly dangerous in summer months as people partake in summer activities such as motorcycle and bicycle riding. People eager to get on their bike are often unaware that roads are not fully dry, and pressing the breaks to avoid injury may not be sufficient in preventing an accident. Furthermore, hydroplaning due to bad tires and puddles on the road may result in cars and motorcycles losing traction with the pavement and causing significant harm to others in crashes.

Rainy weather and floods are not only dangerous on public roads. Floods can cause a lot of damage to stairs and other supporting structures in houses and public locations, and can result in mold and decay that challenge the integrity of the structures and can cause harmful slips and falls. These injuries are often called "Premises Liability" cases in personal injury law. This branch of law is particularly complex in Wisconsin, and should be handled by a lawyer with specific expertise in Wisconsin personal injury law, as opposed to a general practice lawyer.

Steve Caya is an expert in injury law and is prepared for the influx of personal injury cases caused by this summer's severe weather. As an avid motorcyclist, the Wisconsin injury attorney is particularly familiar with the state's motorcycle laws, which can be strict on injured motorcyclists. Additionally, he is intricately familiar with other motor accident injuries as well as premises liability cases in Wisconsin. Those injured in accidents due to the poor weather conditions this June and July will benefit from Steve Caya's advice and personal approach to injury law.

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