Perris Elementary School District: 'Students, Teachers & Parents Deserve Solutions'

"Perris Elementary School District is failing its faculty & families," says candidate for school district

Dr. Norman Quintero with students at local school

The following is an open letter from Dr. Norman Quintero, candidate for the School Board of the Perris Elementary School District.

Our educational system is in crisis. Dedicated and highly-qualified faculty, hard-working students and involved parents are performing miracles against impossible odds. Nationwide, the average number of students per teacher is 16. The size of a PESD classroom is 24, about 11 of which are English Learners and as many as 5 will be absent on any given day. In our district, almost half the students are being taught math, history or science in a language that is foreign to them. Obviously, in our district, more kids need individual attention and specialized instruction. In our district, educators have less time and resources to provide the necessary opportunities to performing their jobs as successfully as possible.

Without the support from a School Board that provides creative strategies, practical plans and real solutions, our highly-qualified teachers, hard-working students and involved parents are being cheated. 40 percent of our students do not meet basic, minimum, educational standards set by the state of California. 25 percent are at health risk for physical fitness. Those numbers should be even worse, given the unique challenges that PESD teachers and students face. That number would be higher, if not for their extraordinary commitment and efforts.

Realistically, in the short term, budgets won’t allow a significant increase in the number of teachers or a decrease in the size of classes. There are simply not enough hours in the existing school day to provide enough time to address the mental and physical development necessary to a solid foundation for success in secondary schools and beyond. Certainly, the big words and meaningless generalities produced by bureaucratic reports and piles of paperwork haven’t accomplished any results.

I am focused on deeds, not words. As part of my 6-milestone Road Map for improving our underperforming PESD, I have identified both causes and the solutions. In this 4th step toward providing our students, teachers and parents the educational environment that they deserve, I am addressing the critical need, ideal opportunity for, after-school activities and programs.

I am the only candidate who has devoted his career to education, children’s advocacy, mental health and community activism. I share a common culture and background with our families and their kids. Combined with my proven track record in business and management, I have mastered the allocation of limited resources and an ability to “think outside the box” in order to achieve real results with real actions.

I believe that I am the only candidate who identifies, speaks simply and directly to, the issues. We can motivate our students, support our teachers, involve our parents, reduce absenteeism, enhance the quality of this basic level in the learning experience and increase resources by creating mentor/tutorial programs, social and athletic activities outside of school hours. The recruitment of community volunteers, nonprofit organizations and business sponsors will make our campuses a destination for special attention, confidence-building and personal fulfillment.

Source: Dr. Norman Quintero


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