Pequity to Offer More Efficient Access to Compensation Data With Aon

Pequity, the industry-leading compensation technology platform, has announced it is now working with Aon, a leader in global professional services firm that offers the Radford Global Compensation Database, to provide clients more efficient access to compensation data to make more informed talent decisions. Aon delivers advanced analytical insights to employers globally, many of which rely on Pequity to manage their compensation programs today.  

Compensation is growing increasingly more complex, making easy access to a trusted compensation data resource more important than ever. Pequity, founded and developed by tenured compensation professionals, already solves many of the manual and painful tasks involved in pay programs from offers to comp cycles. 

Pequity Co-founder and CEO Kaitlyn Knopp shares, "Prior to founding Pequity, I frequently relied on Aon data as a compensation manager at companies including Google, Cruise and Instacart. With the Radford Global Compensation Database, the Aon team provides timely data - and most importantly, data accurately matched to a role's scope, function, and experience. 

"This collaboration couples respected data with new technology. Unlike software solutions that offer poorly aggregated or siloed data, Pequity knows that fair and competitive compensation programs require accurate and relevant data. With this collaboration, Pequity is excited to offer more efficient data access to our clients, so that teams can focus more on what's important - attracting, hiring and retaining the best talent."  

Knopp continues, "If you're already an Aon client, this collaboration offers access to Pequity's compensation solutions, including our Offer Workflow and Visual Offers, Salary Board, and the newest offering - Comp Cycle Planning.

"Aon is in the business of better decisions. Employers need the most trustworthy data available when it comes to building a resilient workforce. The collaboration with Pequity helps simplify the process and delivers access to leading data and analytics alongside a software-based solution," said Michael Marzano, Chief Commercial Officer of Human Capital Solutions at Aon. 

About Pequity

Founded on the principles of fair pay and opportunity for all, Pequity automates compensation workflows to save companies time, money, and talent. Pequity's solutions are built on industry best practices using a data-backed approach. Co-founder and CEO Kaitlyn Knopp has over a decade of experience as a compensation expert in the tech industry with companies including Google, Cruise, and Instacart. Her passion for equitable compensation and efficient systems led her to create Pequity.

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